Fancy colors from USFA

USFA Shooting Master
USFA Shooting Master
USFA Shooting Master

Not exactly what you’ll find at a cowboy action match in 2009, but USFA’s Doug Donnelly seems to go on a new route to meet what might be considered as the 21st century demand among the Single Action aficionados. According to a newsletter received today, USFA is coming out with a new SA series called “Shooting Master”. Not much info to share besides this picture, but this model(s) will be manufactured in calibers 357 S&W Magnum, a new USFA┬« .41 Short Mag. and .44 S&W Magnum.

The 2009 introductory pricing for the initial model is MSRP of $899.00. Colors Shown above are: Coyote Tan, Sage Green, Forest Green, and Federal Brown. Also available: Sniper Grey and Black Graphite.

If you want to meet fans of the USFA firearms, stop by our USFA board here on CASCity.


  1. You guys gotta be kidding, why would you take a quality Single Action like you make and make a joke out of it, I would never buy a gun that looked as ridiculous as these do, or be seen shooting one, you guys are spoiling a really good thing, I would wish that you rethink you decision on making these, or your going to lose the strong customer base that you have now.


    Rod Klomp

  2. I have to agree with rod klomp. leave the fu-fu
    colors up to the new fandangled poly pistols.
    cowboys like to keep things simple.John Wayne would appreciate the red river d gun, but this would have him roll over in his grave!

  3. There is no such thing as the 44 S&W magnum. It is now, always has been and always will be the 44 REMINGTON Magnum. And I need one in , ummm, lessee make it that graphite black–probably look like a Rodeo.

  4. I can hardly wait to see who will be the first holster manufacturer to offer color co-ordinated patent leather holsters for these new pistols.

  5. What next patent leather boots and matching rigs to go with the fuschia colered pistol? Enough already with the colors, gun metal gray or blued steel is just fine.

  6. Hey guys, USFA is not playing to the CAS market with this one they are offering thier quality to hunters who prefer a single action in a powerful caliber. As a sixgun hunter myself I would prefer a Rodeo type finish but the colors they are offering will certainly appeal to others. Nice going USFA, now how about a five shot .480???


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