US Fire Arms Introduces 12-shot New Model 12/22 Revolver


USFA President and CEO, Douglas Donnelly, Introduced the worlds first 12 Shot .22 L.R. Revolver.

“We are very proud to introduce the New Model 12/22TM a new and innovative design for a full size 12 shot .22 cal. Revolver. We have shot many thousands of rounds through the new 12/22 and it performs….an accurate, durable, robust new design that has never been done before. We even beat all .22 Auto-loading pistols in magazine capacity – a meaningfull increase of 20%.”

This gun has a new lockwork to accommodate the 12 shot cylinder. This innovative design is accomplished by unique changes to the internals and a new ratchet design. It works very fast actually going through all proper benchmark stages in half the normal timimg yet continues the full hammer travel and look we have grown accustom to.

Model 12/22TM Features


* All Steel construction
* Traditional Full size
* Traditional Full Cocking Action
* 12 Shot .22 Will Accept all .22’s
* Loads 2 rounds at a time

More information can be found here:


  1. I would like to purchase a new model 12/22 revolver. Please give me any access to dealers selling this revolver at the lowest price.

    Thank you,
    Scott Tyree

  2. I like it. I heard there were 10 and 12 shot revolvers, but I haven’t seen any. Most .22 revolvers are Obama Sale glorified saturday night specials. I think this one looks sharp: Whats it going for?

  3. 749.00
    Distributed exclusively through Davidson’s Gallery of Guns

    I’ll pass. Pretty sharp looking, but it should be $300. $749, thats nuts. You can buy a glock and a couple mags for that in .40SW.

  4. I’ve got an old H&R Model 999 revolver that holds 9 rounds of 22 LR and works just fine. $749 is a bit too much for a 22 revolver, even if it does hold 12 rounds of ammo.

  5. HI. I have to agree about the price. I love the fact that it carried 12 rounds. For some reason there isn’t a single .22 auto, for example, that carried more then 10 rounds (why the heck is that btw? You can create a 19+1 semi-auto in 9mm but no more then 10 rounds of .22LR? Makes no sense to me at all. heck you should be able to but a standard .22LR with 30 or even 40 rounds in it. I imagine the fact it is a rimfire interferes wiith double-stacking in the magazine but not one gun manufacturer can come up with a viable solution to that?).
    -Anyway, nice weapon USFA but $935 Retail?! I get it, it’s a beautiful gun but sorry, how about making one that isn’t so fancy, has maybe a 3″ barrel and sells for around $300. I might run out and but one just like anyone here I bet.

  6. One reason you do not see hi-cap 22 mags is because it is a rimmed cartridge. Ramline made a 12 rd mag for the Ruger MKII in the late 80’s, early 90’s. Of Course, Clinton took care of that.

  7. I am furtunate to own one of these revolvers. I paid $719 for it and it was worth every penny. I have a lot of rugers wich I love but this 12/22 is by far the highest quality, nicest finished and best shooting gun I’ve owned. the ejector rod is easy to align though you do have to watch that you don’t over cock it when putting it on halfcock because it will lock up. Not a problem if you pay attention. Since buying it I made a set of elk horn grips for it and I’m chomping at the bit to get enough $ for a 45 version. I was really impressed with the point of aim point of imact being dead on. With this gun its hard to miss.

  8. I have the new 12/22 and I really think I going to love it. Shoots good. A bit heavy but that is ok. Now I would like one in the blue/case hardened color. Pricy,but good stuff does not come cheap. If I had two Glocks and two mags for them I would trade them for a nother 12/22 maybe. Al I have is single actions and that is all I care for. Love them

  9. I have a mint condition .22 H & R, 9 shot “Side-Kick”. I paid $105 out of a gunshop a couple years ago. Will pass on the $700 .22.

  10. I picked up an H&R Model 999 in the late 60s for $49, including a leather holster. Must have fired a billion rounds since then with nothing but great results. No $749 .22 pistol could prove worth the price, comparatively.


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