John A. Kopec is online


For the collector of the Colt Single Action Army, a reference library with one of the books co-authored by John A. Kopec is a must. The book “A Study of the Colt Single Action Army” is now republished in a 30-year anniversary edition. John Kopec has also entered cyberspace with his new web site .

John is still actively engaged in the authentication of the U.S. military Colt Single Action revolvers. His expertise in this field is today accepted as authoritative within the Colt collecting fraternity.

You can order his books and also learn more about his Colt Cavalry & Artillery Revolver Authentication Service.

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  1. dear mr kopec, a friend just notified me that you had some us colt 1st generation pieces listed in the gun digest, are any of these still available or will you be listing others? i couldn’t find them on the net, i am in need of some pieces especially in the lower ainsworth range, but also some later ones, thank you sir, george, way out in alaska

  2. just got 2 BP Colt revolvers.
    supposed to find info and possible sell for my Godfather’s estate.
    looking for more info
    Model 1851 made 1851-1852 by serial number
    Model 1860 made 1863-1864 by serial number
    metal inspected by G.G.
    cannot read grip cartouche, but it’s there

    Good Shootin!!


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