Home Video & Audio Cowboy Action Radio Cowboy Action Radio #13 – Recruiting the younger generation

Cowboy Action Radio #13 – Recruiting the younger generation

Cowboy Action Radio #13 – Recruiting the younger generation

Lori Dani Dixie (SASS #1695) has a different approach on how to recruit new members to our sport and especially among the younger generation. As a daughter of Rebel (ex-Wild Bunch member) and Lady Rebel, she learned first hand how activities like the Kid’s Corral can have a major impact. In this 30 minute interview, she talks about her initiative to find new ways to reach out to a wider audience when it comes to promotion and recruitment.

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  1. About 14 min. into the interview the sound began to fade and eventually went away enti not rely. Needless tom say, I was disappointed in being able to hear the entire interview.

  2. It plays fine all the way through at this end. As an alternative, click download mp3 and play the show from your computer without streaming it from the server.
    Thanks for listening.

  3. Great intrview. Lori Dani Dixie and her parents are a fine example of a family didicated to history and CAS. The kids corral was a fun event at EOT, and would not have been possible without Lady Rebal and her family.


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