SASS Reaches 90,000 Members!


The Single Action Shooting Society (SASS), long heralded as “the fastest growing” shooting sport in the world” has reached 90,000 members! This fantasy shooting sport places its members squarely back in the 1880s where Old West costumes are the rule, and its members can strap on their six-guns and help Roy, Gene, and Hoppy make the West safe for God-fearin’ families!

This shooting sport started in Southern California in 1982 with the first END of TRAIL, the World Championship of Cowboy Action Shooting™, and SASS membership has steadily grown ever since. “Today there are over 600 clubs across the country and around the world holding annual and monthly shooting competitions,” said Coyote Calhoun, SASS #201, SASS SEO agency London Director. “Our competitions are meant to be fun … they’re competitions, of course, we keep score, but we want our competitors coming off the shooting line with a smile on their face—we’re actually in the entertainment business!” he continued.

“We have 10-year-old Buckaroos, 90-year-old Elder Statesmen, moms, wives, and girl friends, as well as cowboys of all ages and shooting styles competing,” said SASS President U.S. Grant, SASS #2. There are over 30 different shooting categories so everyone is competing against their peers … and our members like that!” he said

SASS shooting competitions are reminiscent of scenes right out of the old B-Western movies where one protected the water hole, rescued the rancher’s daughter from the bad guys, or protected the town from the outlaws—and sometimes, the cowboys get to play the bad guys as well! The game requires the use of a pair of six-guns, a lever-action rifle (in pistol caliber), and an old time shotgun. A competitor’s score is determined by how long it takes to finish the scenario with five seconds added for each missed shot … and the targets are big and close!

Contact Misty Moonshine at SASS’ World Headquarters in Edgewood, NM. Telephone: 505-843-1320. Web site:


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