Elk Konnected Hand out at County Commissioners meeting on 4/25

Started by Ross, April 26, 2011, 07:00:15 AM

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Quote from: Anmar on January 17, 2015, 07:47:29 PM
If by politically correct you mean actual usage, then yes.  A government committee can not be non-governmental.  Just because they are not elected doesn't mean they are not a government entity.  They are part of the government!

The people we are discussing are an un-elected board organized by two separate governing entities, they are not a part of a government. Therefore a non-governmental organization.

We elect our governing officials for positions, such as City governments, County Governments, School Board Governments, State Governments and National Government. The governing body hires people to do maintenance and repairs and taxing and various jobs which makes them government employees. That does not make them the government. We elect people to govern.


Ross, pay attention to the quoted article...

In my original post, I quoted an article you linked discussing an IKEA in memphis.  You then referred to the memphis group as an NGO, which they are not.

You all haven't had someone to talk to in so long you forgot how to read!!
"The chief source of problems is solutions"


Quote from: Anmar on January 18, 2015, 05:41:03 PM
Ross, pay attention to the quoted article...

In my original post, I quoted an article you linked discussing an IKEA in memphis.  You then referred to the memphis group as an NGO, which they are not.

You all haven't had someone to talk to in so long you forgot how to read!!

LOL Oh durn did I goof !

I'm not even gonna check, I believe you !

I must be human or something ! LOL

I still standby my original post.

I'm entitled to my opinion just as you are.

I thank you for waking me up.

Have yourself a good night.


Quote from: redcliffsw on January 19, 2015, 06:32:19 AM
Because the collections are mandated by federal law . . . . . . . .


Very convoluted and lacks transparency!
But sure seems to pay extra large wages to some people?
Apparently it is impossible to follow the dollar.

Sorta like a County Commissioner wanting to give $120,000 to $150,000 out of County  Coffers to a community, a town instead of returning money to taxpayers and lowering property tax.

It is not the job of county government taxing entity to provide money, to give money away to the towns, they have their own governments taxing entities.

Is this possibly an attempt at the big idea from page one of this thread:

Quote from: ROSS on April 26, 2011, 07:00:15 AM

Unified Gov't (w/in the county) to save money and become more unified (do away with city gov't, councils­
(cont.) all centrally located-one managing body) (Big Ideas's)

If not an attempt to do this with Elk Falls and Possibly precursor of 10's thousands of dollars from the county to Howard to repair their swimming pool what is the purpose of crossing the lines between county  and city governments. Was this possibly a campaign promise as rumored on the street?

Food for thought !


I am on facebook where I only have about 50 contacts. Most of which are nieces, nephews, great nieces, great nephews and a few cousins. I do not have 200, 300 or 600 people on my facebook because that makes absolutely no sense to me.

These family members of mine are spread across the country. From Seattle,Wa to Tampa, Fl and from Helena, Mt  to Houston, Tx and to Hawaii.

The biggest pleasure I get from my facebook, are the pictures of newborn great, great nieces and nephews and having the ability of watching videos ad they grow up, and some are in high school bands, cheerleaders while some are graduating from diapers. This technology is terrific if used properly.

The same applies to government, government could also be terrific it were used properly.

The reason, I talk about facebook and government in the same post is because just about everyone on my facebook is upset with our present liberal President and with government in general from the smallest to the largest governments. I have discussed this with my facebook relatives and the questioned was raised how do we fix government?

I told them my thought is to start in your own back yard, you start at home.

You get involved on a personal level, you get the progressive liberal elite's that want to feel important but don't know how to do it with out some grand scheme that requires spending some one else's money, you get them out of office. If you can get people that believe in not overspending, people that believe in not being in debt to the extreme, you would be getting a good start. I would also look for someone that is not easily impressed by titles and would believe anything they are told, just because of a title such a Governor. Once you empower your local people with the truth, you are making progress in the proper fashion. And with the truth, the openness, the transparency you command respect for all the people, not just the "Old Guard" or the "New NGO". In fact you don't need the conniving, that may come from either one.

We have seen how well the educated and the supposedly elite have shown their smarts haven't we?

The West Elk School Board has recently wasted $30 - $40,000 and perhaps more of the Educational funds that were taxpayer dollars for educating children, wasted it on someone's pipe dream. The writing on the wall was very clear that the taxpayers and voters were not interested in building any more school buildings. So they tried to pull a ruse, they called it extensions and they spent your children's money hand over fist. The paid to run a survey and chose to ignore it results, concerning the extensions. Even that was a ruse! They did not allow for a "NO" on the survey.

The supposedly elite have shown their smarts by thinking you were to dumb to catch on to their ruse, their trickery, didn't they?

They got upset with the voters and cried, "I guess my children will have to grow up with out the pleasure of ever playing in a brand new gymnasium!" Don't you think that was the main goal of the last Bond Issue, a new gymnasium? Not so much classrooms or storm shelters, was it?

Don't you reckon that could have been the main reason for shutting down the grade schools.

The board said the reason for shutting down both grade schools was that it would not be fair to bus the Severy children to Moline, remember that? Well I now hear through the grapevine they are now busing them to the Moline Grade School to practice in the gymnasium there. What happened to not being fair to bus them to Moline? What happened to the school board claiming that the teachers were their expert? What happened to the fact that the head coach said to put up the center safety net across the West Elk Gymnasium and they would be fine?

This school board showed how smart they were when the decided to put a crown on the football field for the sole purpose of looking more like a professional sports field. No bids were taken,  no contracts written for $7000.00 worth of dirt and labor. Where is the business sense in that? Well they were delivered dirt, dirt that was a great deal of clay and large rocks and large roots. Such a good deal, huh? When the board was informed of the fiasco, a board member said, "We will have to check our contract and see what recourse we have". Huh, how dumb a remark is that? You had no contract and you knew that. Oh I see, you think everyone in Elk County is dumb enough to buy that lie. Not to smart, in my opinion. You barely discussed dirt and you drew up no plans, you didn't take bids and no contract, so dirt is what you got instead of top soil.  A Really Very Smart Bunch. The purpose of the board is to have discussions, which would have prevented this screw-up. But, why is there a need for a professional sports coliseum at a poor counties, equally poor school ground. Over 50% of Children through the US are on free of reduced price meals.
That is poor !

Why does a school with those kind of conditions have to behave like a rich snobbish school That has unlimited funding?

With an overall grade for the school for education being Average why aren't improvements in education instead of sports ? Is it Possibly for someone's personal ego ?

Everyone in my opinion should be asking a whole lot of questions, everyone has that right, whether you have children in school of not. The only real requirement is that you are a voter and or a taxpayer in the school district.

If you care, run for School board or have a friend run for school board. It's time to make changes, isn't it ?
You can do the job. And it is only once a month.

You only have a week to get registered and an opportunity to make a difference.

A real difference ! A difference of honesty!


Look what they have to say about the elite man worth 50 Million dollars ?
Is this is any way to talk about the elite?
Do you still think you need the elite's of Elk County to govern for you?

Seven FACTUAL Reasons Michael Moore is an Ignorant Ass!

Deep down, you know that Michael Moore is a dishonest, gelatinous sack of goo. We all do. Especially in recent light of his comments about American Snipers being "cowards." But if you're looking for a factual basis to justify your disdain for the rotund dummy, here are seven factual reasons proving that Michael Moore is in fact, a walking bag of human excrement.

1. He lied in his very first documentary, "Roger and Me," about never receiving an interview with Roger Smith (CEO of General Motors). "Shut out by the corporations", the plump profiteer declared! Thing is, Moore did speak with Roger Smith ... at great length actually,  but it was left on the cutting room floor.

2. He used a million dollar tax credit to restore an old theatre in Traverse City, MI. You know, instead of actually paying his 1%'er taxes. Livin' high on the hog – scratch that – this hog lives high.

And what they say continues to get worse, yet.

Read more at: http://louderwithcrowder.com/seven-factual-reasons-michael-moore-ignorant-ass/


More for the Elite Mr. Moore

James Woods Takes to Twitter to Eviscerate
Michael Moore, Obama and Josh Earnest
in his Own Inimitable Style!
January 20, 2015 By Staff Writer



Hey folks you have until noon tomorrow
to register for the West Elk USD-282
School Board Election of April 7, 2015.
Let's get some Common Sense
on the
School Board.

I have been told only a couple of people have registered.
There are 5 of the positions open to fill.
If you would like to have a say in how your property taxes are used now is the time to do just that.
Get to the County Court House and get registered by noon tomorrow.

The highly educated and elite have shown you, ya don't have to have a college education to do the job, nor do you have to have money. Common Sense is what is needed !

Get involved for a good cause.
The Cause is your children's education and about your property taxes being wasted on half baked ideas.


It sure does appear that the voters and property taxpayers of the West Elk USD-282 want to continue with the Status Quo of school government.

Let me break that down for you, the same old Bull Shit--- that's Status Quo --- yes, that's what it is!

You do have myself and one other person that I understand that is running that are not Status Quo.
We need more that are not Status Quo, don't we?

Have any of you folks in the USD-282 noticed any reduction in your overall property tax?
Have you?
I haven't !

Why do you suppose that is?

Taxpayers in Elk County outside of the West Elk School District have noticed a reduction in their property tax.

Why not the West Elk School District, you may ask?

Well it's because the West Elk School District doesn't think you deserve the tax break provided by the County Commissioners and suck it right up !

Why do they do this you may ask?

So they can build a professional sports arena?

That's right, it's not for education but for more sports.

Is that what education is about?
Soaking the taxpayer?
Building a professional type sports arena?

Well, if you think the Status Quo has done enough damage find someone,
anyone you can trust and get them to run for the West Elk School Board.
And do a write in for them on April 7th. And get them elected to slow down the leech that keeps bleeding you.

I am going to try to get a map of the voting districts of the West Elk School District and when I do I will post for you.

Have you heard the Elk County Commissioner's had their Monday meeting Videoed?
It's a trial run with an inexpensive camera, so I have been told the video may not be real clear.
After all it's a test run. I have also been told it should be posted on the county web site sometime in the next 48 hours.

There is only one break in the video where they went into executive session, which can not be recorded.
Other than that it is a raw video. Which means public meetings can not or shall not be altered, that's the law.

I say Kudo's Commissioners that is a move into the 21st century and a great move towards more transparency.

Why hasn't West Elk School Board done the same thing?
My opinion is they don't want transparency that's why!

They claimed you and I don't understand the importance of technology.
I think they got it wrong don't you? It is they that fail in the use of technology.

Another citizen and myself have both asked Matt Hilton, who was acting President of the School Board to video and place the Video on the School Web Site and he said they could do that. That was when the School Board was video recording their propaganda show, to try to get you to pass their School Bond? The School Superintendent mad sure there was never more than 3 board members on the stage so it could not be considered a School Board Meeting. And the Superintendent told me they had the video edited for showing. Nice huh!

But, I guess the School Board doesn't want you to see them pigging out on the cookies and meat and cheese that is on the table. And I'm sure Mr. Hilton would not have wanted you to hear his remarks about how his children would have to grow up and graduate with out experiencing the pleasure of playing in a brand new gymnasium, especially in the crying and angry voice he used. Or the really angry voice he used when saying he didn't care how angry he made the voters.

I spoke with the School Superintendent about videoing the School Board meetings and he said they would have to hire someone to do the job and pay to have the video edited. That is just plain wrong. We have a Computer Technician on the payroll full time and he videoed the propaganda show for the School Board. And he is required to be at the School Board meetings, so no hiring is needed. Next by law videos of public meeting are not to be edited. Oh, another argument is that the videos would have to be saved and stored and take up a lot of space. Wait a minute now, have you heard of the little tiny 128 GB memory cards and the ability to compress files? A 128 GB memory card can hold up to 1920 minutes or 32 hours of video. And possibly much more based on several factors including file compression ratio. Three or four meetings could easily be placed on one memory card. The memory cards are 1 ¼" X  1" X 1/16" which takes up very little space.

So you see their excuses don't hold water. They could, with all that expensive technology and power do a live feed so you could watch the meeting live in your living room. You pay for all that technology, don't you think you are entitled to have a few hours of it used for you. It would not interfere with School usage because the meeting takes place after school hours, usually starting a 6:30 p.m. 

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