Elk Konnected Hand out at County Commissioners meeting on 4/25

Started by Ross, April 26, 2011, 07:00:15 AM

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Under the Guise
Economic Development

Another e-mail I received concerning waste of taxpayer dollars as shown in the above post.
Why do progressive liberals leave so many questions unanswered concerning cost and future cost?
And they use the term potential instead of guaranteed! Why? Because it has stronger potential to fail, that's why? Everything has potential but at what expense and loss of taxpayer dollars? It has already been shown that the dollars spent on the project are only worth 25 cents on the dollar. Please read the Action and Discussion Items in the picture below.

  County Seasonal Date Nut Bread- Seven nuts and a pinch of dates.
by nolathe 

On 12.8.14 the Administrative Services Committee held a meeting. Roll call showed Paul, Chris and Nancy present and Eric absent. Three of the four members present provided a quorum.

But wait, there were eighteen guests also present. All eighteen of these guests were paid employees of the County. Seventeen of them under the direct supervision of the big guy himself who is also present. Purpose: overwhelm the three volunteer committee members just how great life would be in King Louie (even though the paid staff was unable to answer any questions with certainty).  Minutes of 12.8.14 Meeting available here Board Report 12-15-2014

One week later 12.15.14 Parks & Rec Committee of the Whole approved. (Minutes not available).

Two days later 12.17.14 Parks & Rec Commissioners approved. (Minutes not available).

One day later 12.18.14 County Committee of the Whole (aka Board of County Commissioners) approved. (Minutes not available however may be viewed here).


Isn't the year-end rush of 2011 what got us here?
"Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Anyone Who Threatens It"
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nolathe | December 28, 2014 


United Nations
Agenda 21
And US Governments
And NGO's

Reading and studying the United Nations Agenda 21 is rather hair raising.
It is in my opinion something no one needs.
It is in my opinion something as close to communistic as anything can be without being Communistic.
It is in my opinion something as close to being organized crime or street gang as anything can be without being such.


Agenda 21 calls for all governments to support it, financially and with laws and rules.
All Governments means Federal, State, County and City governments.
It also means Educational Governments, State and Local School Boards, Colleges Governing bodies.
In all countries.

Okay so this Major NGO supported by half of the Worlds governing bodies now are acquiring more supporters and money and has tremendous resources to force it's will on everyone. And that means you and me. They even express their need to educate all the children and get them involved in Agenda 21. My children and your children.

Yes, the United Nations is but a very large NGO, how's that you may ask?
Our governing body's here in the US of A are voted into the office's of government, right?
Where have you registered to vote for anyone to be on the United Nations governing body?
Where are the ballot boxes to vote for membership on the United Nations governing body?
How many votes have you cast directly for any member to sit on the governing body of the UN?
There is NONE is there?

Just suppose all the street gangs across the US had a consensus to form a United Gang Organization and each Gang sent a member to lay down the rules of harassment, robbery, extortion and that each
Gang agreed to be financially responsible to this NGO ! The NGO would them be able to help less fortunate Gangs financially to obtain more weapons and technology so they could be more efficient and sustainable. Would that give them legitamacy? Hell No!

Now of course the above about gangs is fiction --- or is it?

Common Core and ObamaCare both came about by forming groups of people in a similar fashion of NGO's and through the use of out right lie, deception and in some case's through financial coercion and grants.

To bring about Common Core the Federal Government told the States they would provide millions of dollars if they would use the plan "No Child Left Behind". Basically the Federal Government got about half of the States on their fish hook. Then Common Core was connected to "No Child Left Behind" and if your state op's out you loose millions of Federal Dollars. Oh but the Federal Government says Common Core is not a Federal Program. Pardon me?

Who approved this Common Core Program? Did you vote for it?
No another group or NGO, made up of manufacture's that stand to make money off of you did, didn't they?

Who approved ObumaCare? Was there a vote? No!
Again yet another NGO or group of people that stood to make a fortune on it. How did they do it?

MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber's  comments that the "stupidity of the American voter" necessitated legislators to craft the Obamacare law in such a way that voters wouldn't understand its impact. And Obama's deceit about it, only helped this NGO group didn't it?

Say what? What legislator ever read it? We know no Republicans voted on it. What is with that?

Saul Alinsky has taught us that it is not the issue that is important, it's the fight. He also taught the end justifies them means which is ass backwards to decent folks thinking. His way of saying it translates to be as dishonest and ruthless  and conniving as you want. It's okay.

I.E. "Global Warming" was proven to be a big joke by the world scientist through their exposed e-mails, so now lets call it "Climate Change". Aslo we don't have to provide any Scientific Proof and we don't have to accept historical records that prove we are wrong. Why ? Because people are stupid and if we repeat the lie often enough and long enough it will be accepted at truth and un-questioned.

This is where the UN and It's Agenda 21 comes in with their consensus. Are you part of that concensus, of course not, neither am I.

Locally we have a County Government with elected officials that are suppose to be functioning in the interest of all county citizens, not some NGO or their personal friends or family. And that is what we vote in hope of getting.

We also have several School Districts with in Elk County and we vote for officials for the purpose of supporting the education of all the children with in their district, not for the purpose of supporting some NGO or only their personal friends or family.   

Oh yes, I'm going to talk a bit more about the school district, but enough for now.

Until later !


And now some more about the School District

I have registered as a candidate for position 6  of the West Elk School Board USD-282.

Don't you feel it is time to stop the needless waste of taxpayer dollars?

Well I do?

Don't you think it is time for more transparency in the governing in USD-282.

Well I do?

Don't you think it is time to remove control and poor guidance in USD-282 government from an NGO?

Well I do?

If you feel like I do there are five seats open for election on the West Elk School Board, I'd like to see a turn out for new members of those seats. And it does not necessarily be me filling one of those seats. Just fill them with new people.

Fill those seats with People that don't cry:
" I guess my kids will just have to grow up and graduate with out have had the experience of playing in a new gymnasium."

Fill those seats with People that don't cry:
" I don't care how pissed off the voters get or I don't care who I piss off. "

Get rid of those that don't think they are working for you.

There is only one board member presently that I see that fits the above description and that would be Mr. Bellar.

Mr. Bellar has attempted on several occasions to start conversations of a serious nature during Board Meetings only to be ignored. 

Conversations and communication is the number one function of the School Board. The state even says heated discussions are acceptable.

Conversations and communication among the  seven (7) school board members is the only way to get the job done right. And that conversation should be made available to the public. So the public can be aware of how any decision is made. Transparency not secrecy is needed, don't you think.

Thank You
Indulging Me.


That sure is good news.  Hopefully, more conservatives will be be running for office.


There are five (5) seats on the West Elk USD-282 School Board that are open to vote on come April 7th.

I am hoping for more candidates to register and I am hoping all seats are filled by new people.

Okay, one exception because Mr. Bellar has tried very hard to do the right things as a school board member.
I believe Mr. Bellar was instrumental in the removal of the previous School Superintendent. A good job Mr. Bellar.

Isn't it time to remove the good ole boys club and or Elk Konnected members from the School Board?

Or do you enjoy the wasteful spending of your tax dollars?


The latest rumors I heard today.

The first rumor is:
Supposedly Liz Hendricks was overheard saying, now that Doug Ritz is out of the way she will get Elk County back on track.

IF that is true ----

                              ----I wonder what that means?

Do you suppose she will reactivate Elk Konnected ?
I ask about reactivation because we haven't heard or seen much of anything out of Elk Konnected have we?
Does this possibly mean the Elk County Commissioners will once again start funding Elk Konnected ?

The second rumor is:
Our Elk County Board of Commissioners may give $120,000.00 to $150,000.00 from the Wind Farm money to Elk Falls to build a teen center or family center or something of that nature.

Do we have two out of three county Kommissioners that are Konnected?
Does Elk Falls really has an interest in this type of thing or is it an Elk Konnected thing ?
I'd like to refer you back to page one of this thread.

And the new commissioner isn't even sworn in yet, what is with that? The Rumors, that is?
This coming Monday is the first day for the new commissioner, it might be worth seeing!

Back to the idea of a teen center or family center,
Longton had a teen center that was started by a couple of very good people, a preacher and his wife.
They provided a music system, a foosball table, a ping pong table, they provided a table to play games on and also balls and Frisbees and other out door games. The Preacher and his wife also provided drinks and snacks for the kids. . I even bought ice cream for all the kids on a couple of occasions. They asked for help running the teen center and received none. Where were all those Elk Konnected Volunteers to help?

The Longton teen center was closed down for lack of volunteers to help.

If the commissioners want to help a community, why not make them a loan with minimal interest, if the community really has an interest in such a thing.?
Put the onus on the community to make a commitment.
This would answer a lot of questions wouldn't it?
After all, who is going to pay for maintenance and upkeep of the installation?
Who's gonna pay the electric and water and heating bills?
Who is gonna pay for someone to run it?

I just need to ask are we a county of Marxist Socialist?
That may sound a little strong, but I can't think of any other way of asking, can you?

If they provide $150,000 to Elk Falls don't they owe the same to Longton, Moline, Grenola and
oh yea, Howard ?
We can't skip over the Howard Konnection, can we? 
Howard needs money to repair their swimming pool don't they?
Fair is Fair isn't it ?

Just Food For Thought !
What is your desire as a taxpayer and voter?
Does anyone have any answers?


Check out these video's that explain today's 
Stinkin Thinkin.
The videos keep streaming one after the other. All them educated folks seem to be teaching the wrong things at their colleges, don't they?

Notice the remarks about taking taxpayer money and giving it away. Is that really a person being charitable or a person robing the taxpayer?


Couldn't they get the County to pay for those surgeries?
The county has more taxpayer money to give away don't they?
Why steal from the kids education?
Yep, it's thievery!
They must surely be Liberal Democrats!

Buffalo schools spend $5.4 million on free plastic surgeries for teachers
January 9, 2015

BUFFALO, N.Y. – Even a $50 million budget deficit in the Buffalo school district couldn't convince members of the Buffalo Federation of Teachers to cut down on their taxpayer-funded tummy tucks, breast lifts and nose jobs.

Read the rest of the story at: http://eagnews.org/buffalo-schools-spend-5-4-million-on-free-plastic-surgeries-for-teachers-despite-massive-deficit/

(Perhaps these enhancements are to improve Sex Education Classes !)

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