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Indiana GAF Muster October 29, 2022 After Action Report
« on: October 30, 2022, 07:29:01 AM »
Division of Indiana GAF Muster October 29, 2022 After Action Report

We had 11 Soldiers at the October 29, 2022 Muster. It started off rather cool that morning with a temperature of 38. Made it a bit difficult to do reloads on pistols fumbling for rounds in pouches with half frozen fingers. As the day went on though it got a lot warmer. It finally reached a temperature of 69 by the time the Precision Rifle was finished. 

This was also our first attempt at running an Expansion Era segment in our Muster. Everyone had a great time and we had one new shooter.  Had lots of comments pertaining to the way each skirmish run was set up. I worked out the skirmish runs to be doable yet challenging.

The first skirmish run was set on the battle of Cusco Wells in Cuba. Your objective was to reach the well so you could secure it from the enemy. You started off with a pistol target representing a Cuban at his outpost and you shot 5 rounds into the pistol target. Proceeding ahead you retrieved your rifle and began addressing the rifle targets. At at range of 60 yards were 2 targets, one on each side of a hand well. There was also another target located to the shooters left in the woods which had to also be addressed for a rond count of 3. After shooting all three rifle targets you then proceed forward. But you had to navigate your way through the landmine field, which were clay birds scattered all over the path. If you stepped on one and broke it you incurred a 15 second penalty for each one broken. Proceeding in the direction of the well was another rifle target which appeared on your right down in the creek. At that point you shot it and the 2 replacements that had now taken up position at the well for another 3 rounds. Moving forward you came upon another new target on your right bidding behind a tree which you would shoot and the 2 replacements at the well. Continuing forward another new target appeared on your left up a ravine which you shot and the 2 replacements at the well. From this point you could go directly forward to the well but there was a new minefield ahead of you, or there was a clear path which circled around to your right. Your choice on which way to go. Upon reaching the well you staged your rifle and noticed one last replacement soldier approaching from your right which you shot 2 rounds into with your pistol.

The second skirmish run was pistol heavy. You began by single tapping 2 rifle targets which were 50 yards away. You staged your rifle on a wooden horse rack and then drew your pistol to begin shooting pistol targets. There were 14 pistol targets in all chidden along a path of 40 yards as you proceeded along. These targets were behind trees and we had some new portable false fronts which held some as well. I was not sure if 14 pistol targets would be too many but the original idea was to insure that the Colt 1911 EE shooters would have to reload at least once, maybe even more if they had any misses which did happen.

The third skirmish run was rifle heavy. You began by single tapping 2 rifle targets. One up a ravine and the second up on the hill. You then proceeded to your right down a path made in the leaves to a position where two more rifle targets appeared on the hill which you also single tapped. You continued on where 2 more rifle targets appeared on the hill which you single tapped.  Going on through a fence you then had 3 rifle targets to single tap which were hidding around trees. Proceed on to the picket fence which had a church bell on a post beside it you noticed 2 more rifle targets up a ravine which you single tapped. You staged your rifle on the shelf of the picket fence and noticed  there were two final combatants across the ravine whereby you drew your pistol and double tapped them. You then grabbed the rope attached to the church bell and rang it ti signal to your unit the  attack was over and the field was clear of enemy combatants.

The final part of the Muster was the Precision Rifle Match at 25 yards for string score. This was pretty hotly contested and there were a lot of very accurate targets when collected.


Military Bolt Action:

1. Snake Oil
2. Longarm
3. Buckshot Butt
4. Dewayne Liebrandt
5. Larry Gardner

Military Single Shot BP:
1. Lite Colonel
2. Rex Young
3. Jim Kakavecos

Military Bot Action EE

1. Whitehorse Lane
2. Robert Swartz

1. Bill Sellers

Precision Rifle:

1. Longarm
2. Lite Colonel
3. Larry Gardner

Department of Indiana Muster Champion for October 29, 2022

Lite Colonel (Dart Liebrandt)

Congratulations to Lite Colonel as Muster Champion! He even twisted his ankle as he finished his last skirmish run before he shot the Precision Rifle Match. A job well done for a wounded soldier!

Thanks also to everyone who worked on the range to make this a successful Muster.(Especially Rex Young!) Hoping that you all will register and come to the Department of the Atlantic Muster in April. We are already making plans for what the skirmish runs will be to insure they are fun yet challenging. You can download or apply on line with links below.

Information Documents:

Registration Form:

On Line Registration Form:

Take care for now everyone and God bless!

One in Christ,

Dewayne Liebrandt
Colonel Department of the Atlantic

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Re: Indiana GAF Muster October 29, 2022 After Action Report
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Additional pictures:


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