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Pt. 2 Awareness
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Awareness (Brian Enos, Practical Shooting – Beyond Fundamentals, This could also be described as the “Zen of shooting.” Awareness means that you are open to all sensory inputs, without judgment. Your eyes are providing more feedback than you normally notice, your ears hear things that you don’t normally notice. All of this happens without judgement or predisposition. This is often described as “being in the zone.” 

To break it down most simply: see what you need to see to make the shot (or to get the shotshell into your gun, etc.)– and no more. If that means that you need a crisp sight picture with focus on the front sight for a long shot on a small target, then that’s what you need to see. If it means seeing the target and only being peripherally aware of the sights for a shot on a real big close target, then that’s what you need to see. If you are seeing a crisp sight picture on a real big close target, then you may be seeing more than you need to make the shot. See what you need to see, and no more.

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