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Become a CAScity blogger


Weekly, I receive emails and phone calls from fellow shooters who ask why we don’t write more about upcoming events, report from matches, reviews and op-eds.

Well, there will be more of this in the months ahead. There is an ongoing discussion at our office what we can do to promote the sport on a higher level and one of the answers we have come up with is this. Since we can’t be everywhere…. we need feedback and input. We have thousands of CAS ambassadors out there with opinions, ideas and experience who can join us in promoting the sport on so many levels.

One of the challenges we have is to reach out with information outside our own circle. This is about to end. This fall, we “level up” our online coverage by teaming up with sites we are affiliated with. DownRange.TV and OutdoorChannel.com will increase their content dramatically and CAScity will provide news feeds to these sites. This means that cowboy action related content will reach out to more than just cowboy action shooters, but potential new shooters from the entire outdoors community.

You are invited to join us in spreading “the gospel” as a CAScity blogger, columnist, correspondent, whatever you like to call it. We will have a category for you on our article section. Article submissions, press releases, event invitations, reports, product reviews, etc, are all welcomed. Topics must be related to cowboy action shooting, old west reenactment, organizational topics, the second amendment and western lifestyle.

CAScity’s goals over the last 14 years has been to be recruit new shooters and to be a platform for communication between our many groups. To secure our future, we need to keep working on these very goals, but we need to do this together. There are many excellent ambassadors out there and we would love to have you  on our team of volunteers.

Click over to our contact page and take the first steps.


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