And the winners are…


Throughout October  and until December 24, 2009, and invited members and visitors to sign on for the fall sweepstakes. In conjunction with Ruger Firearms and Long Hunter Shooting Supply, we are pleased to give away a pair of Ruger SASS Vaqueros including a Long Hunter action job and a Long Hunter Leather Rig.  In addition, we are giving away 13 custom made knives from Chuck Stapel.

The Ruger SASS Vaquero package is going to Tyler, Texas. The winner is Darby D. better known as DarbyFett on the CAScity forum. We called him up on Christmas eve and delivered the good news.

The 13 knives will be shipped out tomorrow and the winners are:

Rob O., Larimer, PA 15647
aka bushwacker33

Zachary S., Phoeniz, AZ

Jim D., Columbia. MO 65205-0898
aka imagesunlt

Terry S., Thorpe, WV 24888
aka: McGyver

Matt H., Louisville, Kentucky 40216
aka mattman23

Michael J. C., Argyle, TX
aka manassas dragon

Chris B., Memphis, TN 38128
aka Capbyrd

John O., Saint Petersburg, FL 33701
aka jmo252

Rick D., Versailles, Kentucky
aka Regret Chancy

David H., Kansas City, MO
aka Coyote Roper

Richard M., Pace, Florida
aka Eight Finger

Daniel G., Lyons, KS
aka ddgrubby

David G. B., Lindale, Texas
aka Kid Shelleen


  1. I have never won anything like this in my life and I am grateful and fortunate to have won one of the knives. Thanks to everyone that made this possible, i am very grateful. I tell ya, this sure is a sweet way to start a new year!!!

    Eight Finger

  2. The finest looking bunch of knives I ever seen given away!
    Congrats to the winners and the companies responsible for such quality gifts!

  3. Wow!! What a great little knife. Proud to have this one in my collection but suprised that the fitted beaded sheath didnt accompany it. Still the greatest thing I have ever won and priceless in my eyes. Thanks, RC


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