Ruger’s Wrangler Gets Super!

This week Michael "Wolf" Bane spends some time with the new Ruger Super Wrangler, the newest member of the low-cost Wrangler family with adjustable sights, a second cylinder for .22 Magnum and an amazing retail price.

Highlights from the Tom Selleck Collection

Mr. Selleck should also be well-known to collectors of fine arms. His deep appreciation for historic firearms has resulted in a well-curated collection of diverse, high condition arms, often in rare configurations.

Cowboy Action Shooting takes root in South Africa

There are thousands of peace-loving South Africans, who say they enjoy using legal firearms for sports and recreation. One of these groups is the Western Shooters of South Africa, who participate in a little-known sport called Cowboy Action Shooting, a family sport for all ages from around 10 to over 80.

A Solid Cowboy Solution

In this episode of Triggered ( ) Wold Bane looks at one of the newest versions of his all-time favorite lever action rifles, the Alaskan Takedown 1892 Winchester clone from Taylor's & Co.

Ruger Announces New Super Wrangler Convertible .22 LR / .22 WMR Single-Action Revolver

Initially offered in three attractive Cerakote® models - black, silver and bronze - the Super Wrangler features an adjustable target sight and 5.5-inch barrel.

A Celebrity Pair of Lavish Colt 1861 Navy Revolvers

These Civil War-era Colt 1861 Navy revolvers with their presentation deluxe case have been featured in numerous significant books on Colts, and been housed in prominent collections documented back to 1924.