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Wild Bunch Match at EOT 2009

Wild Bunch Match at EOT 2009

twb1End of Trail  has started and shooters are rolling in to Founders Ranch outside of Albuquerque, NM. Warm-up matches was on the program on this first day.

This AM, three posses started shooting the Wild Bunch Match – six stages today and the remaining six tomorrow.  I see the same big smiles in these type of matches as in the regular cowboy main matches and my guess is that in a few years big names like Fhats Casino will be part of our vocabulary, CAS will be as big as the regular competitions.

I notice that there is still some work to do to get the 1911’s running smooth, but no one seemed to mind. All we heard was , “It’s so fun to get the chance to shoot the old 1911 again.” Many came from IPSC/USPSA to cowboy action shooting years ago and for these shooters, this is an added value to SASS.

It’s like having a chance to shoot 2 big matches during the week here in New Mexico.  I agree. I have already ordered my CAS 1911 and a rig, so it won’t be long before I climb on the Wild Bunch wagon myself. Here’s a gallery of shooters from Marshal’ette’s camera:


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