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Rerun – The Wild Bunch Match on Shooting Gallery

Rerun – The Wild Bunch Match on Shooting Gallery
Evil Roy on Shooting Gallery
Evil Roy on Shooting Gallery

Host Wolf Bane and his crew visited the Wild Bunch Match at End of Trail back in June 2008. On July 8, 2009, we can see the result on Shooting Gallery on the Outdoor Channel. This is a rerun.

You will meet Captain Baylor, Tex and Evil Roy and learn more about this new type of match which is getting more and more popular.

Episode #106 Wild Bunch
What could be better than cowboy hats and 1911 .45s? The classic movie THE WILD BUNCH captured a group of aging outlaws just as the Old West was dying and the new modern world was being born. Their guns reflected the times, newfangled 1911 semiautos, trench shotguns and still some of the Old West favorites. Join host Michael Bane as he steps up to the line in the first SASS Wild Bunch match, only on SHOOTING GALLERY!

Airtimes on the Outdoor Channel: July 8, 2009 * 11:00AM, 5:30PM and 10:30PM ALL TIMES EASTERN

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  1. Maybe I am gettin a little too nostalgic or not, but the reason I got into this game is two fold. The first being the large amount of super nice people in this game. Secondly the shooting of “old West” firearms. I used to shoot IPSC race guns. If I was wantin to shoot my colt slide onsters I would have stayed in IPSC or IDPA

  2. Evil Roy is a COWBOY shooter right not a race shooter right? I know he is a super shot but at least let the commercial shooters stay within our chosen doctrine. They can try to legitimise it as much as they want to , but if ya want to to shoot 1911 shoot with the race gun people

  3. From a political standpoint, I’m afraid that bringing in the semiautos to SASS (SIngle Action SS…) puts in the sights of mainstream shooting. As of now SAA Colt snd kin are not considered good for CCW or street crime. 1911s bring semi autos into the fore. On a different aspect, The Wild Bunch connection is a bit of a rationalization for bringing in post turn of the century weapons in. I don’t oppose a new sport in that region at all. But SASS (again Sngle Action SS) is the wrong place.

  4. I think it’s a great way to introduce CAS to a group of shooters that might not other wise give us a try. It’s not part of the main match anyway, so what’s the harm?? The founders of SASS are know as The Wild Bunch after all. Anything we can do to promote, and show the positive fun side of our game/sport is a good thing. I don’t even own a 1911, but now I’m planning to buy one so I can get in on the fun.

  5. I understand now why NCOWS was formed. SASS must not give a damn about authenticity (not just because it allows Mickey Mouse outfits and B-Western outfits and silly aliases but because), it allows modern versions of the 1911 pistol to be fired. Do you allow Mauser C-96’s, Lugers, the USFA Model 1910’s, Colt Pocket Hammerless 1903/1908’s, etc like NCOWS does (or at least did)? I’m all for including the actual, original Model 1911 (but not the 1911A1) but what I see in the picures and films of the matches are skeletonized hammers and triggers and stainless steel models. These are not original 1911’s and to allow such bastardizations is just behind comprehension. NCOWS allowed original 1911’s and new models of the 1911, what you dudes are shooting would never be allowed (neither would some of the crap revolvers SASS allows like birds head grip versions of the SAA, which never existed, the Ruger Vaquero “Bisley” (that doesn’t have a true Bisley grip), matte finishes, dull stainless steel finishes, etc. They also used to allow DA revolvers with swingout cylinders if they were period correct (up to about 1911/12) and long guns like the Winchester 94 and 95, Savage 99, Mauser of pre-1912 vintage, Springfield 1903 (a Wild Bunch movie rifle), Model 1912 shotgun, Browning Auto 5, Remington Model 8 semi-auto, Borchart 1910. Do you guys, if you’re allowing 1990 and later vintage Government Model pistols? I like the premise of using original-style 1911’s, but the modern stuff being used in your videos defeats the whole purpose of an Old West (and turn of the 20th Century) based organization. But then so do buscadero rig holsters/belts, which never existed in the Old West, and B-western goofy looking snap shirts.


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