The Single Action Shooting Society Congratulates World Champions Spencer Hoglund and Randi Rogers.

Top Overall Winners Randi Rogers and Spencer Hoglund
Top Overall Winners Randi Rogers and Spencer Hoglund

FOUNDERS RANCH, EDGEWOOD, NM. The 30th annual END of TRAIL World Championship of Cowboy Action Shooting and Wild West Jubilee was held June 19-26, 2011. END of TRAIL remains the Granddaddy of all Cowboy Action Shooting™ events. This year END of TRAIL offered 32 Cowboy Action Shooting™ categories in which World Championships were contested.

Taking Top Overall honors to claim his third Overall Cowboy Action Shooting™ World Title was Spencer Hoglund aka Lead Dispencer, SASS #27115, from Chatsworth, California. Lead Dispencer hadn’t made it to END of TRAIL in several years, and he certainly made the best of his visit this year finishing 57 rank points ahead of his nearest competitor. Randi Rogers aka Holy Terror, SASS #15362, from Smyrna, Georgia finished as Top Lady and seventh place overall, winning the Cowgirl Category for her astonishing ninth World Championship in ten years! Holy Terror shoots on the Glock Team but has her shooting roots firmly planted in Cowboy Action Shooting™.

Other Category winners were:

Buckarette – Sweet Sister Kit, SASS #79916, from Arkansas,
Buckaroo – Olin Winchester, SASS #83099, from Georgia (Olin also placed in the top 50 Overall!),
Junior Girl – Slick’s Sharp Shooter, SASS #77967, from Georgia,
Junior – Jersey Town Kid, SASS #88434, from Pennsylvania,
Cowboy – Lead Dispencer, SASS# 27115, from California
Cowgirl – Holy Terror, SASS# 15362, From Georgia
Lady Wrangler – SASS #59089, from Tennessee,
Wrangler – James Samuel Pike, SASS #53331, from Connecticut,
Lady 49′er – Stormy Shooter, SASS #57333, from Arizona,
49′er – Long Hunter, SASS #20389, from Texas,
Lady Senior – Lefty Joe, SASS #18830, from Colorado,
Senior – Hells Comin, SASS #56436, from Arizona,
Lady Silver Senior – Two Sons, SASS #12636, from Indiana,
Silver Senior – Tex Fiddler, SASS #10127, from California,
Grand Dame – Ramblin’ Rose, SASS #2811, from Colorado,
Elder Statesman – Rosita Gambler, SASS #41377, from Colorado,
Lady Gunfighter – Rocky Meadows, SASS #18501, from Texas,
Gunfighter – Max Montana, SASS #23907, from Indiana,
Senior Gunfighter – Cripple Creek Kid, SASS #10614, from Ohio,
Lady Duelist – Dixie Bell, SASS #5366, from Utah,
Duelist – Risin’ Outlaw, SASS #64767, from South Carolina,
Senior Duelist – J.M. Brown, SASS #27309, from North Carolina,
Frontiersman – Split Rail, SASS #24707, from Ohio,
Lady Frontier Cartridge – Honey B. Quick, SASS #47009, from Ohio,
Frontier Cartridge – Silver City Rebel, SASS #38607, from Georgia,
Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter – Jess Ducky, SASS #4275, from Washington,
Lady Frontier Cartridge Duelist – Mist Chance, SASS #1539, from Arizona,
Frontier Cartridge Duelist – Billy Boots, SASS #20282, from Texas,
Classic Cowgirl – Half-a-Hand Henri, SASS #9727, from New Mexico,
Classic Cowboy – Dragon Hill Dave, SASS #59561, from Texas,
Lady B-Western – Louisiana Lady, SASS #34986, from Louisiana,
B-Western – Slick McClade, SASS #69490, from Louisiana,

Cowboy Action Shooting™ still remains the fastest growing of all shooting sports. With well over 90,000 members in the Single Action Shooting Society the sport has something to offer men, women, and juniors shooters of all ages. There are now over 600 clubs world wide in which to participate. Go to to find one near you.


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