The 2020 Grand Army of the Frontier Grand Muster

GAF Muster 2020

The 2020 Grand Muster will be held on June 26-28, 2020 near Sargent Nebraska. Participants can stay at in the tent city at the site.

This Muster will be open to anyone in the GAF. Membership in the GAF is free and easy.

Participation will be limited to 45 shooters. Registration is $80 before May 15; $85 after May 15. Extra banquet meals are $17.50 (for non-shooting wives, girlfriends, and children, ect.). Meals will be available on site from Delmonico. Those wishing to attend but not compete may do so without registration fee, but be sure to pay the meal fee if you plan to eat with us.

The planned activities include: a 3 stage GAF steel target main match, a Long Range Rifle match, a Precision Pistol match and a GAF Expansion Era Match. While 3 stages for the main match doesn’t sound like much, these three stages will be of the skirmish format and will feature about 20 knock down targets per stage.Round counts will be dependent on the number of times the shooter needs to shoot at each target to get it to fall. 100 rounds at least would be a good plan. This is a match that participants say truly needs to be experienced to be fully appreciated and another described as “The finest Victorian military firearms shooting match in the world.”

For more information, visit our forum for the Grand Army of the Frontier.


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