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Some CAS shooting before hitting the road

Some CAS shooting before hitting the road

It has been hectic at the Down Range office with all the preparations for the upcoming productions this fall. And we keep adding to our list. Tomorrow we’re heading for Missouri and will be on the road for a few days. “The mobile office” is packed, so we will hook up the wires every day and in different locations.

Today (Sunday), we decided to take a break from it all and went over to some CAS friends here in Southeast Kansas. Marshal’ette brought her guns and decided to get into some competition on her own. “It’s about time to move from talk the talk to walk the walk”, she said and asked me for some .38 ammo. I guess I scared her to it, since I kind of loosely mentioned that “she” had signed up for a big shoot later this fall in California. So off we went…

Close to 100 degrees and steamy hot after last night’s rain, there were just a handful of shooters and the dress code was thankfully not enforced to the max. Six stages were shot and after the 4th, the last box of my reloaded .38 ammo failed us. Lousy crimping on my part shortened the length of the cartridges in the rifle and a feeding problems occurred. We had to borrow rifle and ammo from a fellow shooter. I have to say that Marshal’ettes adjusted to that better than I did. After some smart remarks about me being fired as a reloader, she went to work with a Marlin a little heavier and longer than her Winchester 1873 clone.

And here she is on stage #5:

“At least this rifle is loaded with ammo by someone who knows about a good roll crimp on tube fed cartridges.” At least that was what I think she mumbled when she sent 9 rounds on some bad guys made out of steel placed about 25 yards down range.

I’ll be talking to you again on Wednesday.


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