Revolver Combustible Paper Cartridges


Don’t want to roll you own? Buffalo Arms, provider of reloading, muzzleloading and shooting supplies, offers paper cartridges for percussion revolvers in caliber .36 and .44.

For collectors, Civil War Reenactors and enthusiasts for all Colt, Remington, Uberti, Pietta etc. reproduction cap and ball revolver shooters. These fully functional and accurate combustible black powder paper cartridges are facsimiles of the original cartridges and packets issued during the Civil War! Packet labels vary.

Each black powder cartridge is hand rolled. The tapered end drops into the cylinder easily, seats firmly, potassium nitrate paper combusts completely leaving <4% ash residue. Seams sealed and ball seated with sodium silicate, (water glass). Speeds up loading by up to 50%!



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