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NCOWS National Shoot 2008

By Jim Mullins,    aka  J. D. Goodguy

The 2008 NCOWS National Shoot is now history and I think we made some history.  Being new to NCOWS, I don’t know what the Nationals were like in earlier times.  The last three National Shoots have gotten better and better.  The 2006 National in Hooten Old Town, Kentucky, had around 43 shooters.  The 2007 National in Hooten Old Town, had 63 shooters.  This year at Evansville, Indiana, we had 63 registered shooters.  However, last minute problems caused 2 shooters to drop out.  We had shooters from 13 states represented at this years Days of the Outlaws .  We had 17 new members join NCOWS through this shoot.