New season of Cowboys


After months of reruns, we are now pleased to announce season 6 of Cowboys with 13 brand new episodes, starting July 2, 2008 at 7:30PM Eastern on the Outdoor Channel.

Cowboys has listened to the viewers and this year there is more shooting and old west guns than ever before, Most of the episodes are now dedicated entirely to cowboy action shooting, cowboy shooting events, guns of the old west, how to get started and how to improve as a cowboy action shooter.

Air times are every Wednesday at 7:30PM and 10:30 PM and on Thursday at 1:30AM. Reruns of this season will start October 1.

Richard “Tequila” Young returns as a host in the first 12 episodes, then in the last episode of the season, you’ll get a chance to meet the new host, Ron “Tupelo Flash” Stein. Tupelo will be the regular host from season 7.


Both Tequila and Tupelo will also appear on Cowboy Action Radio in the weeks to come, giving you more insight in the fantastic world of Cowboy Action Shooting.

Producer Michael Bane is also in the middle of planning the production of season 7 which airs on January 09.

Episode listing of season 6, can be found here . Episode pages are under construction with reference links to topics covered.


  1. Howdy Marshall,

    Love the new season. Keep Cowboy Action shooting the center of the Cowboy show and you will be pleased with the results. Most of us enjoy the CAS element more than any other. Keep ringing steel, you won’t go wrong.

    John Clark


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