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New SASS club in Rhinelander, Wisconsin


From NBC Newswatch 12: SASS has a new affiliated club in Rhinelander, Wisconsin. The only things y’all need are a few firearms, powerful ammunition, and wild west attire. Aaron Tomasoski of Eagle River has been involved with SASS for almost 5 years. And practice makes perfect at Statton’s General Store in Tomahawk. “I’ve got first place in my class about 3-4 times.”
SASS not only teaches how to be a good shot. Aaron says he’s learned how to handle his firearms. “When you shoot the pistols, you always have the hammer down and an empty chamber, that way it doesn’t go off.”
It’s a sport Aaron’s dad, Dan Tomasoski, says his whole family gets into. “The, you know, period dress with the boots and the hat and everything, it’s really a lot of fun as well.”
When it comes to SASS, not just any gun will do. They must be originals made back in the 1800’s, or a replica of an older model like this .45 Colt.
“Guns that were almost, you might say, obsolete that have kind of fallen out of the scene, have got brought back and reproductions of them for this sport.” Like the 1897 Winchester says Statton’s General Store Owner Richard Statton.
It’s a sport Aaron plans on practicing more. “The rifle, pistol, I need a little work on the pistol, but the rifle I’m pretty good with.”

Practice to keep his sharp shooting bragging rights.
If you’re interested, SASS will meet on the third Sunday of every month with a safety meeting at 9 AM and shooting beginning at 10.
Meetings will take place at Rhinelander’s Hodag Sports Club.

So if you’re interested in becoming a great shot, call 715-367-1144.

Watch this video from NBC Newswatch 12.


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