Me & My 1911


I didn’t finish the Para Retro-Expert in time, so I defaulted to my Heinie Springfield 1911A1, which has run just fine. Today I used handloads with 230-gr LaserCast bullets and 231, just making IPSC Major.

I finished the day 3 down…no excuses…pulled the trigger when the sights weren’t on the target. Sadly, I was moving at glacial speeds…range officers were reduced to using an hourglass inststead of a shot timer!

It’s way big fun to be competing again, even if it’s taking me longer to ramp backup than I’d expected (there’s a surprise!). I would like to turn my ’97 shotgun into a lamp…I have never seen such a contrary beast in my life…it can find more ways to malfunction in 6 rounds than one can imagine!



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