About Marshal Halloway

In the world of Cowboy & Western Action Shooting, I'm known as Marshal Halloway. My real name is Kjell Heilevang.

Through Down Range Media, I maintain CasCity.com and DownRange.TV. I am also a producer of online videos, covering the firearms industry and sports shooting events.
My sidekick in all of these operations is the best partner I can have, my wife Teresa, known in the gun world as Marshal'ette Halloway.

Down Range TV was established in February 2007 in partnership with TV producer Michael Bane, host of Down Range TV and Shooting Gallery on the Outdoor Channel.

I started in Cowboy Action Shooting in the early '90s, but since I started quite alone on the northwestern coast of Norway, I just had to do something about "the solitude as a cowboy action shooter". The most efficient way at the time, was to get access to the Internet Territory, first to get in touch with fellow SASS members in the US, later to use the achieved knowledge for promotional purposes. By pure coincident, I became the first person to establish an Internet forum for CAS called the cas-list in 1995. This lead to the Cas City web site. Since then, a lot of good web sites have arrived and of course, SASS also decided to enter this territory together with organizations like NCOWS, Western 3-Gun and CMSA.

A lot of rivers have been crossed since I joined SASS, other organizations and clubs. SASS and fellow cas-l members sponsored a trip to End of Trail in 1997. This was the primary motivation to travel back to Norway and become the founding father of The Scandinavian Western Shooters (SWS), an organization that saw daylight later that year. Cowboy Action Shooting became a shooting sport approved by the Norwegian authorities in 2000. For the next 3 years, as President of SWS, I travelled all over Norway as an instructor, certifying range officers and getting clubs started.

Through Cas City, my promotional work has been focused on getting new shooters, clubs and national organizations started internationally. This also includes helping vendors and manufacturers in marketing their services in this market.

And before all that, my shooting career has been comprised of bullseye pistol shooting and IPSC.

I am an educated and authorized insurer from the Norwegian Insurance Academy and with a background in sales and marketing since 1980. After college and serving in the Norwegian Air Force, I started my working career in the dairy business, moved to insurance from 1985 and as a district supervisor until 1996. From 1996 I have primarily been working in the field of communication technology including consultant work for shooting organizations and police districts. My professional background and education has given me a broad experience and knowledge in the fields of marketing, human recources, personell and project management. Since 2000, I have also been engaged as a consultant and lobbyist on firearm laws in my home country.

Cas City and Down Range Television is fast becoming the top site for all kinds of gun enthusiasts.
Teresa and I, together with Michael Baine will continue to create and deliver information in all forms to the gun world.

We hope you will come on in, check out the sites, kick off your boots and stay awhile.

Down Range

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