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 Welcome from the Marshal
Howdy friends !
Welcome to my Internet Office here in Cas City. The door is never locked, so come on in.. grab yourself a cup of strong coffee over there in the corner and make yourself comfortable.

Click the play button for a welcome message:

See below for some background history about this website.

Have in mind that the promotion of cowboy & western action shooting on this website is run as a voluntary operation and even though it may seem like this is a full time job for us, it is not. Time is limited when it comes to personal service, but we do whatever we can to assist you, either through information found on this site or by request.

If you can't find what you're looking for, drop me a line by clicking "Contact Us" on the left menu. In this section you will find some information about Cas City, it's history and links to other help sections.

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If the live help above shows online status, you can reach Marshal H. live through our online chat support.
"The Marshal" can also be reached by using the request form.

About Cas City

Let me tell you just little bit about how Cas City came to be.

Cas City came to life as a service for subscribers on the cas-list, the first Internet email forum for Cowboy & Western Action Shooting. I started and founded it in 1995.

Since then, Cas City has been established as one of the premier web sites promoting the sport. This year we are celebrating our 10th year anniversary.

The purpose with Cas City is to promote our sport internationally and make it a place where fellow shooters and suppliers can interact through various sections.

Cas City is an Internet junction without any specific bond to one single organization or group of members. All the members of our organizations are welcome to come into Cas City to share information about their activities.

Forum Hall, Yellow Pages and Vendor's Alley are just some of the primary sources for information and interaction that we have to offer. In December 2004, a new section opened presenting profiles of cowboy & western action shooters worldwide. This section gives folks here in CasCity a little better understanding of how  the alias of people.. came to life.

We are proud of our little town here in the Internet Territory.  We like to keep it a friendly place for entire families and individuals participating in our sport.

We and everyone in the town are anxious to welcome newcomers to the sport.  Those that have not yet taken the first steps to join us, saddle up your horses.. gather your guns up and ride on into town. Stop in the Longbranch or any of the towns buildings, pull up a chair and join in the conversations...

You'll not find any strangers here in CasCity....What you will find is a whole heap of good people and friends that will go out of their way to make you feel welcome. 

Have fun and don't get your spurs tangled up.

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Kjell Heilevang aka Marshal Halloway, SASS #3411 Regulator
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