Kansas Vigilance Committee News Electronic Edition April 2010


Well, time has crept up on me again.  We will be having an NCOWS shoot at the Powder Creek Cowboys range in Lenexa, Kansas this coming Sunday, April 4th.  This Sunday is also Easter, so I realize that a lot of folks have more important things to do than Cowboy Shooting!

But, we shall endeavor to persevere, and some of us will be shooting anyway.  The rumor I have is that the stages may be some of the ones proposed for the NCOWS National Shoot this year, so we might get in a little practice.

Probably better be there by 9AM, safety meeting at 9:30, start shooting by 10AM.  No idea how much ammo you might need, just bring plenty.

And don’t forget, May 1st and 2nd will be the infamous Two-Gun Shoot at Garnett.  I will have information at the shoot this weekend, and there will be another post/e-mail in the near future about it.

If you need information about the Powder Creek Cowboys, or directions to their range, click here.

For those who foolishly did not attend the recent NCOWS Convention, we will have plenty of stories to tell you this Sunday!

That’s all for now.

Grizzle Bear

The Kansas Vigilance Committee is a NCOWS club with jurisdiction over the entire State of Kansas, but we do have some renegade Missourians running with us, and we intend to make the occasional raid across the border. Most of the members are around the Kansas City area, but we have people scattered across the state.

Membership in the KVC is open to anyone, and there are no dues. Cowboys being notoriously free with their money, it seems more productive to ask for donations!

You can probably see from the above information that the Kansas Vigilance Committee is a pretty informal organization. We don’t hold a regular or monthly “stand-up” shoot, as there is plenty of that available. We prefer to meet at irregular intervals at different places to camp in the cowboy manner, and engage in shooting matches that require sharp thinking as well as sharp shooting. Our gatherings so far have featured “woods walk”-type scenarios that require a knowledge of wilderness survival, a keen eye to search out hidden targets in the woods, and a strategy to engage multiple adversaries without getting yourself “killed.”

The Kansas Vigilance Committee will host the annual 2-Gun Regional Match April 30-May 2.  This event is always different and Challenging.  Also included in the festivities is the NCOWS National Double-Action Championship.  The KVC is renowned for their Primitive Camping and having as much or more fun after the guns are cleaned and put away.

Our future plans include a weekend at a working horse ranch to give everyone some experience with a real cowboy’s closest companion. See The Shootist for shoot dates etc. or click here to go to the NCOWS Calendar.

Click here for map/satellite image & to get directions to KVC’s Garnett range from your home.

To get more info on these, or any other KVC activities, Contact Trap or Grizzle Bear


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