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What Are You Doing For Excitement Today?

Started by Wilma, September 04, 2009, 07:36:31 AM

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Diane Amberg

Ah,yes the universal sound of chain saws.
Dumped the pots again.Had 6.5 inches of rain in two days. Will have to replant some things... took adavantage of a hanging basket discount sale, big petunia one for $3.00

Ms Bear

We had a lot of rain yesterday when I had to be out driving in it, not fun.  Today has been hot but no rain.

I found a petunia that came up under the edge of the house, haven't had any there in three or four years.  Will dig it up and put where I can enjoy it.

I brought the two new kittens in and one of them ate the dry food but neither of them was interested in the canned food.  They are so cute, played with them for awhile and then put them back outside.


It has been a busy day.   #1 and #2 spent the night last night.  Today was #2's last day of pre-school.  I woke her up and fed her breakfast.  Nana got her ready.  Today was pirate day so she was dressed in a pirate outfit.  I took her to school, along with some hot dogs and buns for their party.  When I got back, #1 was awake and ready for breakfast.  I fixed her pancakes.  At 12:30, it was back to the school to get #2.  There were lots of hugs and kisses and some tears.  The real good-looking teacher managed to give me a big hug which will keep me happy for a while.  Back home and lunch and then off to the salon for a haircut.  The woman who cuts my hair is going on vacation and I wanted to get a haircut before she left.  Now the little ones are going home at 4:30.



HELP!  I'm talking and I can't shut up!

I came...  I saw...  I had NO idea what was going on...


I have had more excitement than I wanted.  Last weekend was city wide garage sales and of course, daughters and I had one.  I think it was the biggest we have ever had.  At least the receipts were a record for us.  I had spent all of the week before getting the garage ready or I should say I spent the week helping youngest daughter get the garage ready.  I spent so much time on it that the flowers suffered.  So this week has been: 

Monday- pruning and spraying roses. 

Tuesday- letting the dentist pull the stub of the tooth that finally broke off completely.  That was fun. 

Today - I potted flowers that I have been buying the last two weeks.  Almost too late for some of them.  Didn't get them all potted either.  Ran out of pots.  I never know when to quit buying flowers.

Tonight I am relaxing.  Can't do anything outside.  Can't eat much.  I have read so much, my eyes are tired.  No basketball.  Might as well go to bed.

Tomorrow I will take a picture of the black and yellow petunia and post it on the garden thread.  It is called "Black Velvet".  Have never seen anything like it.  One of the daughters says that it is a "Shocker" petunia.  Black and yellow.  Get it?

Diane Amberg

I just made a number of shower caps from some old kitty box liners. (new,not used ;)) My big herb pots on the deck can't stand being drowned again tomorrow. So I made covers and weighted them with several picnic tablecloth weights each. Maybe that will work. They are just little tiny plants and would wash out easily.
I go to the dentist tomorrow. Hopefully just a cleaning. I'm lucky to have pretty good teeth for my age.
Did you see any of our tornado damage? Lots of quick shots on CBS and NBC,ABC national news. It was an EF0. About 80 MPH winds...Now don't laugh... Our hurricanes have worse than that, but it did mess things up for the people who had to deal with it. Just missed Mc Vey Elementary.

Diane Amberg

Another stormy morning yesterday. Exactly when I should have leaving for the dentist a really nasty storm came through sending trees and wires everywhere. The direction I go is very wooded and started having roads blocked so I had to cancel. It's a 30 and their building had lots of trees down nearby. I just wasn't meant to go.
Congratulations to Teresa on her championship shooting.... and the Marshal did very well too! Today the sun is out,very dry and nice, but more storms for tomorrow. My shower cap idea worked very well, but for some reason there is no sign of the cukes I planted. I may have to replant after all. Enjoy the weekend everyone.

Diane Amberg

I scratched around where the cukes should have been..nothing... I think they were eaten by a bird as they just broke ground, so I replanted. They will be very late . While I was out there my "boat neighbor" brought over a big tray of freshly steamed CRABS.
 Summer is here! No cooking for dinner tonight... just pick, pick, pick. :D

Diane Amberg

I enjoyed all the excitement about the new royal baby. :) Even the bingo players at the firehouse last night are guessing what his name wil be. I'm expecting there to be a George in it somewhere.


How about Henry, or do you think that one has been worn out?

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