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Started by DanCookson, October 28, 2008, 10:37:24 AM

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Janet Harrington

Quote from: Burnt Hills on November 12, 2008, 03:42:23 AM
we had a KS State Trooper who was gung-ho to clean up the town his babies would live in too. (after a year of this place his wife begged him to transfer OUT and they left.) 

that the bald daylight noon arson of my completely restored stone home in 2002 had gone completely uninvestigated and unprosecuted.              (That reeked of  Corruption.  The KS St Fire Marshal was SO frustrated he was prevented from helping us. ...the criminals were being PROTECTED.      well, maybe from PROSECUTION but they will answer to a Higher Power ..Someday, for what I hold as their subsequent murder of my husband.)   

  our CRIMINALS have more RIGHTS than we do, for example these Longton people who burned down my house and still drive past to sightsee it.. they still have their FREEDOM to do so.  and according to The Law, I have NO RIGHT to avenge this crime.   

here's a thought.  I came here to a Family reunion of a distant branch of my family.  These arsonists were nuts way out on that branch.  They conned us and we bought it. make a long story short.  they drew First Blood.  They went unprosecuted because of who they knew.   our house was uninsured despite them thinking we were rich & insured, or WE would have been hit by arson charges we were told later.  {we were IN CHICAGO getting our household loaded into moving vans to be brought here the NEXT DAY.} 

The arsonists are minutely [that means "in a small manner" ] related to me. Wow. Fate.   Pathetic and bizarre, isn't it.

It is My Blood Right to avenge the arson of my home and the death of my husband.

Well, Burnt Hills, I was just going to leave this alone, but I don't think I can.  The loss of your house due to arson was investigated by the Kansas State Fire Marshal's Office.  I turned that investigation over to the experts who had the equipment necessary to investigate that crime.  I believe that the Fire Marshal's name was David Higday, who is a wonderful investigator and has been for 20 plus years.  If you don't believe that your arson was investigated, then you should contact the Kansas State Fire Marshal's Office at 700 SW Jackson Street, Suite 600, Topeka, KS 66603, Phone: (785) 296-3401, Fax: (785) 296-0151.  The State Fire Marshal's name is Dan McLaughlin.  I am sure he would be glad to look into just how much your arson was investigated.  By the way, Mr. McLaughlin was not the appointed state fire marshal in 2002.  The fire marshal investigator was not prevented from investigating that crime as you so gleefully put it in your post.

As for the Kansas State Trooper that lived in Longton and left town because his wife begged him to move out...he did a Make a Wish to move back to the area that he and his wife grew up in because she wanted to be closer to relatives.  Please tell the facts about why he moved instead of why you think he moved.  He was a good trooper and still is.  He probably seemed "gung-ho" (your words) because Longton never had a trooper live in its little town before.  He was just doing his job.

Please quit writing as if we are all ignorant in this county.  We obviously are not, but by reading your writings, I am beginning to wonder about you.  For someone who claims being intelligent, why is your typing and wording so bad?

Saying that these arsonists "murdered" your husband, Paul, is being pretty bold, but, again, it is your right, not privilege, to speak your opinion. 

In your posting in the Roll Call, you tell us that your strongly endorsed Doug Hanks for sheriff.  Good for you.  You are a Democrat and he changed from being a Republican to being a Democrat, so that he could run against me in the general election in 2004.  I am sure you are pleased with the voters decision in 2004.  I was not, but it is our right as voters to elect by majority who we want to serve us in whatever political office that is up for election.

I do not find your allegations that my office was corrupt when your arson occurred amusing.  I was not and am not corrupt.  I did my job and in reference to the crime that you were a victim of I turned that over to the experts.  I never claimed to be an arson investigator and the state has those employees that are experts in that field.  In case you didn't know it, it is extremely difficult to investigate a building fire that was completely burned to the ground.

Now, I am done writing about this subject because I have moved on with my life.  Have you?



Quote from: pam on November 12, 2008, 02:27:10 PM
Alrighty then........... :o Am I sposed to crap my drawers and slobber now? Run around in circles sayin I like tater tots maybe? Feel bad cause I'm just a big ol hick maybe? I'm from there and most of the people I knew were reasonably intelligent considerin how disadvantaged we were for not comin from Chicago :P I'm pretty sure there are still a few with an IQ higher than 85 :P I can feel ya crowdin my bubble from here lol. And here is bout 250 miles away! You're gonna have to mellow out or your heads gonna explode or somthin  :D

I like tater tots, but never gave much mind to running in circles proclaiming my glee for them ??? 

(Note to self, try running in circles sayin I like tater tots!!)




Sorry, but I have this vision in my head of Dan running in circles mumbling "I like tater tots, I like tater tots"


Not a real stable pretty thought is it?  ::)

hahahahaha ;D
Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History !


Maybe we could sell tickets?


Teresa, in an earlier post to Burnt Hills you wrote:

Quotebut you have entered into the "Keep your head tightly in the sand zone".   

I really must take issue with that statement. Yes, I'm aware there are some folks who think if you don't look at something, it doesn't exist. People can be ostriches, hawks or doves, but doesn't each bird has its own place in life, with no one right or wrong? However, when it comes to this forum, I would venture a guess that most of those who have a differing viewpoint on the "Red Dawn" scenario are just as well educated about the issues. It's not that they are refusing to consider what you believe is "reality" -- but instead have decided not to let this "what-if" script dictate how they make decisions and live their lives.

I'm a firm believer in "be prepared" -- I always keep a small supply of food on hand -- but I refuse to live in fear of other people's "reality" that does not exist for me. And to be honest (and I realize this will sound foolish to many of you), should a time ever come that hungry people come to my door, I will feed them if I can. And if they need a coat or blanket, and I have one to give, I will. And if they turn out to be thieves or murderers, then I will meet my maker sooner than I had hoped.

Some lessons I've learned in my life and I use them as my guide:

We are not physical beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience.

There is only fear or love. I choose love. Every time. (Fear not, sayeth the Lord.)

You can't pray for peace while you prepare for war.

"Do unto others" means all others, not just the nice ones. Not just the ones you're related to. Not just the ones who are the same color or gender or socioeconomic level as you. Even the ones who have opinions different from your own. Especially those. (Love one another.)

What you conceive, and believe, you can achieve (this works for the good stuff AND the bad stuff -- where do you focus your energy? On the positive, or the negative?)

So for those who wish to live out their lives preparing for Doomsday, I wish you all the best. If all this speculation comes to pass, you'll be well prepared. But there are many possible outcomes, and for me...I intend to live my days free of the angst of "they're out to get me" and waiting for whoever to kick in my door. Instead I'll focus on what is good and just and kind, and when my time comes, I'll have lived my life well, with no regrets.


Well said.. and if you think that just because I choose to openly talk about "being prepared".. that I live in a Doomsday world.. then you don't know me very well  Mrs. Indygal. ...for that is the exact opposite of the way I live my life. That is one of the problems with an open forum where people who live in a small town all kinda know each other. We sometimes make the mistake of being too open and share too much of "ourselves"..
Never does too much good except to generally come back to bite you in the ass.. But then again.. I was the dumb one for talking.. :-X  Can't blame other peoples opinions of how they perceive you to be when you  give them the keys to your house...and keep all your dresser drawers open..  :-\

Ahhhh well... live and learn...

I appreciate reading your opinion.. and it was very well stated.   :)
Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History !


Teresa we can never share too much or be too open. Yea, sometimes it comes and bites us in the ass! The benefit sure outweighs the pain. The nice thing of this forum is it allows us to say what is on our minds. I think that is very healthy for us. Thanks for the forum. If we all stopped saying what is on our mind this forum would loose much its' purpose. That is freedom and thank God we have it. I hope no one stops posting what they think over a little "ass chewin' " I think it helps us put things in perspective even if we say the sky is falling. Perspective!



Teresa, I didn't mean for my post to be a "bite in the ass," nor was I criticizing you for sharing your thoughts about something you strongly believe. I have no problem with you being open about how you feel. I only wanted to point out that your comment to Burnt Hills about people "hiding their heads in the sand" was using a broad stroke to paint those who don't agree with your viewpoint. I found that to an unfair judgment and an unkind thing to say. The fact I don't agree with you doesn't mean I'm wearing blinders. My opinion is different, but I am not ignorant of the facts. I am an informed and educated person, I dig for information (a career in newspapers, remember???) and study all sides of an issue before forming an opinion, and as an anthropology student, I will always seek a balanced view on how cultures think and work together.

David's right ... it's all about perspective, and everyone's perspective is their truth.

(And it's great to see David posting again!)


Thanks indy I am happy to have the time to revisit my forum friends. I missed all of you and your opinions. You all have become a very important part of my day.


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