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Started by Teresa, May 05, 2007, 10:23:49 PM

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Quote from: Bonnie M. on February 17, 2008, 07:27:43 PM
"We moved to Longton at the end of 2001"

Welcome, Jennifer....

Since we're formerly from "back there," and we still go back and visit Longton a lot, I'm wondering where you live, in Longton?

My husband, Bob, is also a member of the Elk City Lodge.  Your husband probably knows my cousin, Joe Cox.  Joe works hard for the Lodge events.

Maybe we'll meet, when we're in Longton for Memorial Day, and before and after!  It's nice to have you join this Forum.  You'll meet some very nice people.

Bonnie Mustoe

AWWWWW, Joe Cox!! We both know him well...He's just about the cutest thing there ever was! I just love him!

We live in the old Rankin House on West 4th, a couple of blocks from the bank.

Nice to meet ya'll!!!  Jen  :)



Bonnie M.

Yes, I know where you live.

And, I love Joe, also!  He's a wonderful person.

Janet Harrington

To the kshillbillys, again welcome, especially since you saw the light and moved into God's Country from the south.  LOL

As for the rest of these jokers on this forum, I see I need to get on here more than once a week if I'm going to keep up.  Be watching.

Rudy Taylor

We've just got to change our address.

TaTa keeps finding us.
It truly is "a wonderful life."

Judy Harder

From one Longton person to another.......welcome, welcome, welcome
I do know where you live and last election I am sure we met.

I live at the Housing and spend a lot of time at local gossip...Oops..I mean cafe.

This is a fine place to be. Loving and nosey too......LOL......AOYP
Today, I want to make a difference.
Here I am Lord, use me!


Hello everyone! My name is Laura Miller.  My husband Jason and I moved to Howard in the summer of 2006 from Buffalo, NY.  We have a son Cody Miller, who was born July 4th 2006.  My husband is the son of Bryan Miller and step son of Mary Jo.   Jason works at Poplar Pizza (he's the tallest one there).  Jason also is into making cookies and really enjoys it.  My son goes to Angie Town's daycare and has been going there since he has been 6 weeks old.  He loves it there.  I am the preschool teacher at Severy Elementary.  I absolutely love teaching the little ones; it is tiring but so exciting each and every day.  We have two cats and a guinea pig (he can be found at the preschool most of the year). 


Hello, Laura.  I am sure we welcomed you when you joined us but I want to say welcome again.  It is nice to know who is behind some of these names.  I am glad Jason is into making cookies.  Janet brought me some the other day and boy, were they good.  Now, if you can just find the time to continue posting and letting us know what is on your mind, you will really be one of us.


Since this is roll call, guess I better let you know I'm here!  OK, I'm here.  Most
of you don't know me, in fact I'm not sure I do!  Some of you 'think' you know me.
To sorta clear things up;  71 years and a few months [about 6] ago I entered Planet
Earth on Tuesday 31st. August, 1936 in Oslo, Norway.  Survived the German occupation
during WWII, missed the quota in 1947 and it was already filled for 1948, so in 1949
we left on 15th. July after a marvelous crossing of the Atlantic aboard the beautiful
S/S "Stavangerfjord" with just a minor delay of one day [someone jumped overboard] we
arrived in New York Harbour late evening or early morning 25th. July.  After docking
we were 'herded' like cattle through Ellis Island in 100 degree conditions. After
graduating from Grant Community High School in Fox Lake, IL, I joined USAF and after
Basic was sent to Mountain Home, ID where I lived for the better part of 50 years.
In 2000 I retreaded and settled in Moline where we purchased a couple of homes, my
then wife decided we were not compatible, etc.  Whils there though, we operated the
Curly Q for the Clarks, and then That Cafe' in Howard, also Mr. Crows Treasures,
which I still run on a very limited basis.  That shall change this summer!  Believe
me!  Several friends have promised to make it a 'show place', stay tuned.
As some of you might know, I collect/accumulate cars, do some recycling, bale card-
board, and help whenever, wherever, am very involved in Lions International, also
serve as Vice President of EAA 980 in Independence, love flying, and as soon as the
doctor gives Linda permission, she'll resume her flying lessons, she aspires to fly
helicopters.  Too much excitement!  But that's what keeps me young.  Guess I've told
you much more than you want or need to know, isn't that what a forum is for?  Knut. :P


And so there folks, you have it, K-nut in a shell.

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