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The Yankee Curse . . .

Started by redcliffsw, February 02, 2022, 06:05:37 PM

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. . . caused the "Civil War" and continues to plague us to this day.  As Clyde Wilson once said, Hillary Clinton would be a "museum-quality specimen" of a Yankee:  Privileged, imperious, arrogant, sanctimonious, amoral.   As would be Nancy Pelosi, Anthony Fauci, the Lying Media Scum cabal, all the CDC bureaucrats, and all others who believe that they are God's chosen people who have a God-given right to order all of the rest of us around, using whatever means possible, including violence.  They are the Hollywood millionaires who demand that Joe Rogan be censored.  Your neighbor who screams at people at the grocery store for not wearing masks.  The neocons who constantly plot to restructure the map of the planet in their image through endless war and invasion.  The academics who worship the likes of Lincoln, Trotsky, and Churchill.

This was never a North-South thing, but an attitude thing derived from the New England Puritans.  As Clyde Wilson also said, the Northern-state firefighters and police who rushed into the Twin Towers on 9/11 were not "Yankees" but just good Americans.
-Thomas DiLorenzo

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