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Started by redcliffsw, September 07, 2021, 07:44:35 AM

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Cattle producers have a beef with 35-year marketing campaign

Kansas rancher Steve Stratford, one of the people who initiated the petition, said meatpackers — who do not pay into the checkoff program — are the ones whose profit margin has increased while the checkoff has been in existence.

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Nuts to this guy. I'd like to see all products in every market labeled with country of origin, and all foods listed with all ingredients. But we do not need Congress and laws to do that for us. We need free markets where sellers respond to buyers, not to laws, and where we have transparency and full disclosure from honest sellers. Then it is up to us as consumers to make sure we know where all our food comes from. Our dollars are all the motivating factor sellers should need to respond to our demand.

I'd like to see the pre-packaged meat that Howard and Walmart sells disappear. How about returning to freshly slaughtered meat sold by stores with real butchers, fresh food from this county or the next one over? The defunct grocery in close-to-defunct Longton used to get locally processed beef from a butcher nearby, maybe El Dorado?? Does GW Foods have a butcher? Some of their packaging looks like it is done in-store, but maybe they're just opening huge boxes of frozen meat from who knows where and repackaging it. They are a regional marketplace. I would think they would respond to the request for American beef.
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