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Monkey Wrenches
« on: July 26, 2020, 10:55:30 AM »
I’m tossing a monkey wrench into the political cesspool for a little pre-Convention humor and expectation of excitement.

Biden has dementia, he loses concentration almost every time he speaks. He and his son should be in jail for their collusion with Ukraine over his son’s financial gain. Biden should be in jail for his conspiring to spy on Trump’s campaign with illegally approved FISA warrants. He is losing support of the black community, if he ever had it. He is a huge liability to Democrats. And many Democrats know it.

Trump is apparently a horse’s back-side, although that is rumor since I haven’t met the man. He has failed to realize any of his significant 2016 campaign promises. The country is economically in the dumpster. And the dumpster has been pushed over the cliff. He has polarized people, many of his 2016 supports no longer support him. He is a liability to Republicans. And many Republicans know it.

Which liability to vote for? How about a new candidate? Enter Mitt Romney.

And why not? He hates Trump. He was the only Republican Senator to vote for Trump’s impeachment. He played second fiddle to the Bush Cartel for twelve years. And hated it. He feels entitled, like he deserves to be President. He’s a former Governor, a current Senator. His father was a Governor and a Presidential candidate. And he has a family fortune of nearly three hundred million dollars to spend, should he challenge the Trump nomination during the convention in August. Liberal Republicans, Trump-hating Republicans, and some moderate Republicans could support him at the convention. A contested convention would be a fun monkey wrench.

As the Republican nominee he would capture the vote of many conservative and moderate Democrats in the November election (if there are any conservative Democrats). Heck, he votes more like Hillary than he does Republican. He would capture all the Republican support, possibly excepting some Christians with bigoted views toward Mormons.

Wait, he votes with Democrats a lot? In November, he could capture all the Trump hating Republicans and many of the Biden-leery moderate Democrats. That must be 50% of the voters. He could win the Presidency easily, maybe easier than Trump.

But, there is one more monkey wrench scenario that could unfold. The Utah delegation could stand on the floor of the convention and place his name in nomination . . . . in the Democratic Convention! Romney could/should change party affiliation!

Why? He hates Trump. He votes like Hillary. He would get all Democratic support except for the extreme Socialists like AOC and Omar. He would get all the moderate Trump-hating Republicans. He would win in a landslide. And he would not need to spend a penny of his fortune! That is a win-win for Mittens.

Well, that might make Romney quietly the most sought after candidate in America! Now wouldn’t that be a fun political cycle to see unfold? And that might be a win-win for America, too. It would muzzle the AOC-Omar crowd for at least one term, and just might calm Americans down. And that might be the best we can hope for from the political cesspool in 2020.
Governments don't want a population capable of critical thinking.
They want obedient workers, people just smart enough to run machines and just dumb enough to passively accept their situation.
 - George Carlin (1937 -2008)

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