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Started by Teresa, October 04, 2008, 10:08:56 PM

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Indygal sent me an e-mail and after reading it and studying a few other places that did this.. I think it is a great idea..
I will share part of her note to me and it will give you a bit of insight into what this is all about..:

I'd like to suggest that a category could be added near the "Buy, Sell, Barter" area where people can list free items. When we lived in Wichita, I belonged to an online group called Hand2Hand (a spin-off from Freecycle), and it was hugely popular. A person could list items they no longer wanted or items they wished to have, and the only condition was the items had to be free. Anything you can imagine traded hands through this site ... cars, clothing, appliances, furniture, building supplies, toys, books, and so on.  Bartering is great when two parties have something to exchange, but this is truly the height of recycling. It keeps usable stuff out of the landfills and helps pocketbooks that are stretched pretty thin right now. Besides, it's a neighborly thing to do, right?

And I agree. So it is built..and we will see "if they come".. LOL
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Thank you, Teresa, for considering my suggestion and agreeing that it could be of benefit to the forum and to the community at large. This is a great time to launch the category, as many who had yard sales this weekend are faced with "now what do I do with the stuff that didn't sell?" Instead of carting it off to the landfill, they might try posting those items here to see if anyone is interested in taking them (for free, of course!)

If I may, I'd like to share the general procedures of how these other sites work. First, you list an item or items you would like to give away, or items you are looking for. Be sure to include your email address in the post so the two parties can make arrangements offline (not in the forum space) to pick up or deliver items, ask questions, etc. It's a good idea to not post your phone number or address in the forum listing. This protects both parties involved, and keeps the thread itself from becoming bogged down with personal exchanges. It's perfectly reasonable to post a question on the thread about an item, which would give more information about a particular item.

Those giving away items are not obligated to give it to the first person who requests it. They may decide to collect the names of all who respond and draw a name from a hat, or they may know the person asking and decide that person should have it. Those who give are the "rule makers," so to speak, and shouldn't feel pressured in any way.

By the same token, those asking for items should follow through with picking up if someone offers them that item(s). Be respectful of that person's time and generosity. If you can't pick something up in a timely manner, notify that person so it can be offered to someone else or other arrangements can be made.

It's helpful if the person giving away an item posts "Pending" and "Taken" messages to notify others on the thread that the items are "in transit" or no longer available. Otherwise they may continue getting emails requesting things they no longer have.

Keep in mind that the purpose of this exchange is to keep items out of the landfill if they still have some useable life and can be of some good to someone else. With any luck, people from outside Elk County will also join in and improve the chances of these items finding new homes.

To illustrate how I personally benefited from this type of "recycling" program: As some of you may know, I make shard-art mosaic pieces. I use broken dishes, knick-knacks, etc., to create decorative items, such as picture frames, birdhouses, garden stones, etc. A woman who works at Twigs in Wichita contacted me and said she'd save for me all the damaged items that came to the store. Once she had enough of these broken pieces accumulated, she'd send me an email and I'd drop by her house to pick them up. Even though she and I never met face to face, we had an ongoing exchange that lasted more than four years.

When T and I were preparing to move to Howard, we had a number of household items we no longer wanted: clothes, a full-size mattress set, a treadmill, two small TVs .... you get the idea. I posted these items and all were picked up within 48 hours. It saved us money and time (we didn't have to pay for an ad or move stuff we didn't want anymore), and it helped all those who wanted these things. Everyone came out a winner.

Again, I thank Teresa for offering this category on the forum. I enjoyed the involvement I had with Hand2Hand (formerly affiliated with Freecycle) in Wichita, and hope others will, too.


I'm glad to see this type of thing get started...I am hoping that this bailout solves a lot of problems, and people have an easier time in this day and age, but I am suspecting that things are going to continue to get harder.  People helping people...it's the only solution that is going to help everyone get through this tough time. 


I, too, am delighted to see this.

I belong to FreeCycle for both Montgomery County and Butler County. Delighted to have a similar one here.

Jo McDonald

What a wonderful idea !  This is the time for something like this to be a benefit to all.  Aren't we thankful to live in an area where "Love Thy neighbor as Thy self" is practiced?


So, do we need to start a new subject for each new item (or group of items)?

Kjell H.

Quote from: Tobina on October 06, 2008, 10:21:41 PM
So, do we need to start a new subject for each new item (or group of items)?

I would say yes. Makes it more organized and visible.
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I am moving some recent posts over...
if you no longer need the items or have gotten rid of them.. Please post on that thread that the items are no longer available. I will then move it to the Archives or delete ( haven't decided yet if these "already gone stuff" is any interest in the archives section.  ???
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Could people please update this section with their items please? Thanks  :)
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The story is not so much at all. But I can advise you.

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