Grading The Local Public Schools

Started by Wake-up!, February 19, 2020, 07:49:50 PM

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From the Kansas Policy Institute's (KPI) annual grading of public schools.

According to KPI President James Franko, the majority of the 1,275 public schools in Kansas — 56% — received a "C" grade, which means the majority of Kansas K-12 students need remedial training to be college or career ready.  No school received an "A," only 11% of Kansas schools earned a "B," 30% got a "D" and 37 schools received an "F."

Sedan Elementary School, Overall Grade 'C', GPA 1.75, enrollment 208, cost/pupil $13,062
Sedan High School, Overall Grade 'D', GPA 1.00, enrollment 163, cost/pupil $13,866

Fredonia Jr/Sr High School, Overall Grade 'F', GPA 0.33, enrollment 325, cost/pupil $10,668 [This makes Fredonia's junior and senior high schools among the 37 worst in the State!]
Fredonia Lincoln Elementary,  Overall Grade 'D', GPA 1.19, enrollment 320, cost/pupil $10,293

Elk Valley Elementary, Overall Grade 'C', GPA 1.94, enrollment 65, cost/pupil $21,834
Elk Valley High, Overall Grade 'D', GPA 0.92, enrollment 31, cost/pupil $20,129 [Why is this school staying open when a school just 18 miles away provides better instruction, based on a higher GPA, and costs about 30% less per pupil??]

West Elk Elementary through High School, Overall Grade 'C', GPA 2.21, enrollment 368, cost/pupil $13,861

More school grades, information and data is here;
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