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Started by Janet Harrington, October 25, 2004, 04:15:49 PM

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Janet Harrington

Here is a picture of the Howard Metropolitan Hotel.  Have to look up some history info for you all, but right now I can't find my Elk County History book.  This hotel used to sit on the site that the First National Bank sits on now.


This is a quote from the book "Elk County, a narrative history of Elk County and its people".

QuoteA quotation from the Howard Courant of 1890 gives the following description of one of the hotels which existed at that time:

"The Metropolitan is the finest and most conveniently arranged hotel in this part of the state. It is 50' x 125' on the ground, three stories high, is built of brick, stone and iron and is a handsome structure in every way. The first floor has the hotel office, sample rooms, wash rooms, baggage rooms and three good business rooms. Besides dining, kitchen and employees quarters, there are twenty-four sleeping rooms, four handsome parlors, all handsomely carpeted and with elegant furniture.
The Metropolitan is a credit to the city and is a structure of which we all should feel proud.
A. W. Steele and his wife will not spare any labor or pains to make the traveling public feel at home.

This hotel was razed in 1940 and a building was constructed for the use of the Ford Motor Company. Later, in 1957, the First National Bank purchased and remodeled this building.


My mothers Aunt Clara (Workman) (who later was my grandma's..(Thelma Workman) sister in law)  was a young woman at that time and she worked .. I think.. as a waitress in the hotel.  It was pretty grand I think from the stories I have heard.. Thanks for thinking of putting it in the forum Sheriff.
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Janet Harrington


That is really, really cool.  It is amazing that this little town had such a grand Hotel.  

Thanks for the cool posting Sherriff. :o


That is the coolest picture of old Howard I have ever seen...Good job Janet!!!!  :D...I hope we can find more.  They are really fasinating.  God love the good ol' days.  I wonder if the museum has any we could scan and put on the forum???  ???  Keep up the good work everyone!!
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Janet Harrington

MTCOOKSON has put links on the forum with pictures of Howard and moline.  I believe that I got the Metropolitan Hotel picture from that WSU website.  If you will notice, the building south of the hotel is Doug's Place.  Don't know what it was when the Metropolitan was standing.

Thanks for noticing and I have lots and lots of old pictures that I have not scanned yet.  I wil do my best to get that done. 


Oh my gosh!! I love these pictures...  Wow .. have the can of worms been opened now!! lol
The crowd wants more... more ... more!!!!
I love the old main street pictures...  you know if you go across the street from the post office.. you can still see where the old lamp posts were ..in the sidewalk...
I know that the Cooksons Hardware store used to have an opera theatre in the top.. but it later caught on fire.

Ohhh~ to go back in time ..just for one day... wouldn't it be great? :)
But I would just want to stay :'( .. so it is best I don't get a taste of it..   :(
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