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“Chesty” Puller and the Southern Military Tradition

Started by redcliffsw, January 20, 2018, 06:31:05 AM

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"Chesty" Puller and the Southern Military Tradition

When we examine Chesty through the lens of his southern heritage, his life and actions begin to make a lot more sense. His combat skills were second to none and reminiscent of men like Francis Marion, Stonewall, and Nathan Bedford Forrest. His devotion to liberty are reminiscent to men like Washington and Lee. Also like a true southerner, Chesty believed in limited government and low taxation. Puller may not have been the best public speaker or man of letters. But he was and will always be a true son of the south. His own history deserves just as much examination as his military leadership.

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Notice Puller's devotion was to liberty, not democracy.

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