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Local United Methodist Churches

Started by Mom70x7, July 02, 2017, 05:53:55 PM

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Today was the first Sunday in a new church year, and there have been some local changes.

Dena Allison now has four churches: Grenola, Moline, Longton and Elk Falls.

Susan Galvan now has three churches: Severy, Fall River and New Albany.

Geesook Gil is the new pastor at the Howard church. She is a 1/2 time appointment. Her first Sunday will be next week, July 9th.

Howard and Severy are no longer a combined church charge. They have separated. I don't have all the information as to how come; it's been several years since I've attended either church.

However, I am now the accompanist for the Severy United Methodist Church. Today was their first service with Susan Galvan preaching and me playing. It was a lovely time, almost like coming home.

moved their service time to 8:30 am on Sundays, to allow Susan to attend all three churches each week.

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