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Sheriff Election

Started by Mcordell, March 27, 2016, 02:43:31 PM

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Janet Harrington

Most of the posts have been great. I have enjoyed reading them. The posts have also made me glad I am no longer in public office. There is just no winning with a few of you. All I can say is this, make sure you get out and vote in November.


Officer Cordell would you please post copies of recommendations from your previous and present employer.
I'd really appreciate that! Also a few of your Certificates of completion of police training would be helpful.

I think that would attest to your professionalism.

Thank you very much.


I appreciate the suggestion, however I do not plan to contact my former employers for recommendation letters.  The fact of the matter is, getting the recommendation of appointed chiefs in other jurisdictions really means nothing here.  I have a letter of good standing from Kansas CPOST and somewhere I have reference letters from previous chiefs that have been included with resumes.  If I can find them then perhaps I can post those for you.  My current employer is Sheriff Figgins from Wilson County.  He has given numerous recommendations in person to several voters from Elk County that have asked him about me.  He has been supportive of my bid for sheriff for the entire time I have worked for him and we have a very good working relationship.  I'm sure he would visit with you if you wished to ask about me.

In regards to training certificates, I have a binder full of training certificates.  As certified law enforcement officers we are required by statute to attend a minimum of 40 hours of continuing education training.  I have always exceeded the minimum 40 hour requirement by a large margin.  It would be unreasonable to post every training certificate I have as that would be over 1000 hours of training.  Is there something specific you are looking for that I could post for you?

I'm happy to try to get you the information you are looking for. 


I wasnt asking for everything!
But thanks for the response.


I have a nephew in a large Florida Sheriff's Department who is 28 years old.
He has maintained employment  with that same department for 8 years. He really studies for the tests
H has earned every advancement up the chain of command by passing some very tough written tests.
And each time he was able to surpass numerous other LEO's. He really studies for the tests by reviewing
what he has learned in college.

In those short eight years he has acquired a Masters Degree in Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice and is still continuing his advanced education. He has advanced to Lieutenant and as I understand his next promotion won't happen until his Captain retirees, which is in the near future.

My brother informed me his so is making a very, very good income. I'm guessing 6 figures.

I have no idea what our sheriff earns, I could ask at the court house because it is public information.
Perhaps you can enlighten us as tothe salary of our Sheriff and if that is where you Spend the rest of your career?

I really have no idea how many Sheriff's Elk County has had over the last twenty years. Do you?
I think there have been at least 3 different Sheriff's which makes it apparent that they don't always get re-elected. Making it a iffy situation.

I also understand why the turn over of deputies. Some come here to build a resume and then choose to move on to better paying Departments, which only makes good sense.

We have the same problem as recognized by the Kansas State Highway Department. I also have a great nephew working for them. He stays because he wants to stay close to family. However many Troopers after training and builds a resume move to Oklahoma where they get paid as much as twice as a Kansas Trooper.
We are fortunate if we have a Trooper for each county as I understand it.

I guess where I am going is to ask if you have any college degrees and I do understand your wife has plenty of family here which may anchor you here and you explained to me that family figured working as Sheriff in Elk County would be much safer than working in the city.

The last part about safer working here could be a very dangerous thought to have in this crazy world we live in. I never thought of the possibly of a drive by shooting in Elk County, but it did happen. Take nothing for granted.

We need Constitutional Sheriff's through out our country. And attitude means everything!
And I mean that, above and before so called professionalism. I learned that in the military in connection with leadership. As a leader if you are only doing for yourself at the expense of those you lead, it makes you a failure. In my way of thinking the words leadership and leader are too freely used.

I admire anyone who takes on the job of policing and protecting the public, because it is a very, very tough job. And you can not please everyone. So, what ever happens for you, I wish you the very best and, as for my nephew and great nephew I pray for all law enforcement officers safety.

I'm through rambling now@
Good night Everyone.


Why does being a Sheriff become a career these days?  And why all the "education" these days as qualifiers? 

The cause of socialism has a lot of support for enforcement.


i do have a degree. I have a bachelors of science in forensic psychology which is a degree in the criminal justice degree track. I also advanced quickly early in my career. As for my long term goals, I will not be moving again. I have moved plenty in my life and have no intention of continuing to do so. I did not choose to run for sheriff because it is safer in some way. In fact it has the potential to be much more dangerous. In larger agencies there are more opportunities to encounter someone who wishes to harm you, however there are also more officers to provide assistance in those cases. In a rural area backup could be 30 minutes away when you need help. That's not to say I think working here is overly dangerous, but rural areas do present different challenges and risks.

As for the salary, the sheriff's base salary is not extremely high here. I don't have the exact number as I never started this process to make money, but I believe the sheriff's salary is around $35,000 per year. Certainly not something you seek out to get rich. Again I don't have the exact figure. I've not asked for it. If I am elected, of course my goal would be to continue serving this county for the foreseeable future and ultimately retiring from here, however that is up to the voters both this time and every 4 years after. I can only do the best job I can and hope.

Janet Harrington

Ross, Sheriff elections happen every four years just like the Presidential elections. Elk County has had many, many Sheriffs. I held that office for 17 years.  I would love to tell you exactly how many have held that office in Elk County, but that would require me to dig around in file boxes I have put away. You could step into the entryway at the sheriff's office and there should be pictures of person who has held the office of Elk County Sheriff.


Thanks Janet !

17 years is very impressive.


The seniors at West Elk, as a project for their government class, are attempting to host a public debate between myself and Doug hanks. It would take place October 12 at 2 pm at the school. I have accepted their invitation and they are contacting Mr Hanks to see if he is willing to debate me. It is my understanding they will not proceed with any event unless both candidates accept so we will see what he chooses to do. I've been asked if there would be another public forum and wanted to let everyone know the status.

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