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Started by hhjacobs, February 16, 2016, 04:11:38 AM

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Does anybody in the Howard area have ATT wireless? We are thinking about switching cell phone service. Was wanting to know if service was any good in this area and all over U.S. Without roaming charges.


I've had AT&T Wireless for years, all the way back to when it was Cingular. I love it. There are still some spots, however, where coverage is spotty, such as in Longton / Elk Falls.

I've heard Verizon covers all those, but I don't know about roaming with them.


      I too have had ATT  forever , and Cingular before that. Only time I don't get a good signal is sometimes inside  of the buildings at the ranch. Has been overall great service. Don't like them billing for 29 days at a time because the due date keeps changing. Also, don't get the cheapest phone.


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