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East Coast Happenings

Started by Diane Amberg, March 22, 2013, 01:21:17 PM

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Diane Amberg

Is there anyone left who has something to say besides ranting and grumbling about politics ad nauseum?  Shouldn't I bother any more?


Diane, of course you should.  I mean what else is there to do but look to see what everyone is ranting and grumbling about.  It is one of the highlights of my day.  But, and this is a big but, sometimes someone does enlighten us with something worth reading.  If nothing else you can check what Karen puts on the obits page.  You with your East Coast Happenings and me with my Observations tell others what is going on in our lives and share our experiences.  I realize that those two categories have nothing to do with Elk County but there might be somebody in Elk County who likes to see what it is like elsewhere.  So keep checking.  I do.

HELP!  I'm talking and I can't shut up!

I came...  I saw...  I had NO idea what was going on...

Ole Granny

Diane, Please continue...I ignore the politics etc and slamming but do enjoy reading about what is going on in your life.  I do check the obits.  I use to enjoy what Teresa had to say but she has wandered too! 
"Perhaps they are not the stars in the sky.
But rather openings where our loved ones,
Shine down to let us know they are happy."
Eskimo Legend

Diane Amberg

Thanks to you both! I'll stick with it after all. I was about to give up.
Right now we're having a very hot spell. After having such a cold wet spring, I wasn't sure real summer weather would ever get here.  Some of my garden has failed, but some is doing great. I lost two pepper plants and two toms.That  has never happened before. I still have plenty, but I'm really puzzled as to why they just  up and died. I finally did get my green beans in. I'm glad I waited. The soil had been too cold and wet. Several of my friends have now put their beans in for the third time.The first two times they just rotted in the ground.
We have a tree company coming next Monday to take down my big old Magnolia that suddenly died, take down a big, now over grown, Pussy Willow and do some pruning and shaping on a big Maple. Hope everyone is well and having good times. We're off to Bingo at the fire house tonight. I'm still selling games, but it can sometimes be a pain with pushy, grumpy players, HA!


Don't ever give up and quit, Diane.  You are a breath of fresh air. :-)


I may not agree with you Diane, however I do check the obits daily...I always go by the thumb of rule:  "If you start to feel the heat you will get burnt if you jump right in"  (well I made that up), but I think it comes to all subjects that are biased/twisted truths  or just flat out inflammatory. 
And that goes for tomatoes!!!!!!!    ;D eat my words


That did not come out right.
Where you live is exciting for me, as I have never been east of Tennessee.  Keep writing.
I read Observations and the Obits to let others know that might not be aware.

Keep writing. quit while ahead

Diane Amberg

As far as I know, I have never grown inflammatory tomatoes....HA!


You've never had a 'rash' of red ones????   lol

Diane Amberg

HA! That was a good one. Thanks!
I spent yesterday afternoon picking up sticks in the yard and pruning the ground runners on my forsythia. I'm really sore and stiff today. The humidity is still high, but the temperature has cooled down some, so it's not bad at all. My deck pots are ready to start using.There is parsley, cilantro, dill, basil and lettuce. I've got a few nice green toms, but nothing red and ready to eat yet.  I usually plant a Juliet in a pot to have some nice grape toms to snatch as I walk by.The summer festivals are starting in this area. Pick a culture and they have a big party. Greek, Italian, Chinese and more have lots of entertainment and great food.... and food truck festivals too. Also, the summer Sunday Farmers Market has started up again in our local Newark Shopping Center Parking lot. Great fun. Have a fun day everyone.

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