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Started by Diane Amberg, March 22, 2013, 01:21:17 PM

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Diane Amberg

 I finished the Christmas party posters and got them posted at each of our four fire stations. I  spent most of the rest the day working on other parts of the party.  I researched and then ordered the candy and goodies for the bags the elves give the kids after they visit Santa, and some new craft things for the 5 craft tables we set up each year. I'm expecting between 50 and 60 kids again. This is our 20th, so the first kids have long since grown. We have a lot of younger firefighters now who are unmarried, or recently married and haven't started their families yet. Since parents and grandparents can come, we have some families in which there are more adults than kids in attendance. Our Ladies Auxiliary provides hot dogs, pizza, cupcakes, ice cream and punch. I think I'll ask them to do a 20th anniversary sheet cake this year too. We have some very good bakers in that group.
I'm starting to hear from the parents of our fire prevention winners too.They are very excited to come see their children receive their winning certificates and gift cards from our officers, all dressed up in their class A uniforms. Again, the Ladies Auxiliary will provide snacks. The engine bay will be open and it's funny to see some of the parents as excited as the kids about climbing in and on the apparatus. Lots of photos get taken. Have a nice Friday night everyone.


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No Ross, I didn't read your post, so you wasted your time again.

I call Bull Shit on that.

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Diane Amberg

I got to thinking about Walmarts after a recent post. Our closest one is about 40 minutes away and we go maybe once a year, if that. By the time I figure in gas milage, it would rarely save us a thing to go there as a destination.
I've never been to a Walmart that didn't have an off putting group of characters wandering around. We tend to collect them from surrounding states too, because we have no sales tax in Delaware.
I'm glad I did strip the garden clean a couple of days ago as we finally got a heavy frost last night. I made up several bags for my nice neighbors so they will have some last ones to enjoy too.
It doesn't seem possible that the growing season is over except for the cold weather crops. I'm really going to miss the fresh tomatoes.

Diane Amberg

I enjoyed taking Al to lunch at Applebee's on Veteran's Day. Lots of gray hair there and lots of stories exchanged.
We decided to do something different for Thanksgiving this year. We are going to a covered dish meal at our station 7. One of our fire fighters is going to fry a 19 pound turkey out behind the station. I'll be standing by with a fire extinguisher just in case.  ;) We're expecting something of a temperature drop here with a bit of snow forecast. Brr!
The tree crew that took down our big maple finally came back yesterday and took away  the big pile of chips from the stump eater and filled the hole and root area with good top soil  Now I have to decide whether to replace the tree with another or perhaps put in a good sized crape myrtle bush for late summer flowering.

Diane Amberg

Hello, hello... Echo, echo... Anybody there. No comments on your earthquake? Has the social part of the forum shriveled up and died?


We did not feel it north of Grenola. Just cold and wind.

Diane Amberg

Thanks.I guess it must have been very small and local.


I felt it here in Howard.  It wasn't much of a jolt, but definitely from the ground.

W. Gray

According to earthquake.com, Kansas has had 12 earthquakes of 2.5 or higher since the 4.8 of several days ago. The latest was a 3.8, today, centered at Haysville.

Kansas has had 1.5 or higher earthquakes:
    2 earthquakes today
    26 earthquakes in the past 7 days
    67 earthquakes in the past month
    355 earthquakes in the past year

The 4.8 earthquake was ten times stronger than the 3.8 quake of today.
"If one of the many corrupt...county-seat contests must be taken by way of illustration, the choice of Howard County, Kansas, is ideal." Dr. Everett Dick, The Sod-House Frontier, 1854-1890.
"One of the most expensive county-seat wars in terms of time and money lost..." Dr. Homer E Socolofsky, KSU


I hadn't heard about the one today centered at Haysville.  Could you tell me a little more about it?  I am sure there wasn't anything on the evening news about it.

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