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Started by Diane Amberg, March 22, 2013, 01:21:17 PM

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Diane Amberg

After Al had a Charter School walk through with all the subs this morning, we drove to the Susquehanna River at the Conowingo Dam in Maryland to look for eagles. There is a fisherman's park with boat ramps and we looked a bit down the way from there. Saw lots of fish jumping and after a short time found three eagles.They were out on a rocky spit with some small islands out in the river below the dam. We heard them before we saw them. One had caught a fish and had dragged it up on a rock to eat it.
It was quite cold with a brisk wind so no boats were out today. All the better for seeing the eagles....also saw mergansers, fish crows. vultures, ducks, herons, three kinds of sea gulls  and osprey as well as lots of land birds.
We stopped at Wesley's on the way home for fresh shucked fried oysters. Yum!

Janet Harrington

I didn't know what a merganser was, so I GOOGLED it. It's a duck. The internet says that they are in North America, but I don't believe I have ever seen one.

Diane Amberg

Yes, they are fishing ducks and have a very long skinny beaks.They can swim under water to chase fish.There are several different kinds .The ones we saw are the ''common'' kind. There can be as many as 200 eagles near the dam depending on the time of year. I've never seen even close to that many there.


Quote from: Diane Amberg on March 25, 2013, 06:47:27 PM
I owe Judy a huge thank you! She found that Nelson Eddy I love so much. Just wonderful! Gave me the shivers.

Nelson Eddy ???  How old are you, Diane?  Try Gordon MacRae:

And Gordon with Shirley Jones:

or Gordon and Kathryn Grayson:

Gordon with Tennessee Ernie Ford

or even Gordon and Jeanette MacDonald:

You might enjoy this... Jeanette MacDonald Funeral - Nelson Eddy's Participation:

In this third "Master Class" written by Madeline Bayless and presented by Linda Tolman, little-known details are revealed of the funeral of 1930s movie star Jeanette MacDonald. MacDonald died on January 14, 1965 and her death made front page headlines in newspapers worldwide. Thousands of loyal fans attended her funeral four days later at Forest Lawn Glendale. Despite her supposedly loving last words to her husband Gene Raymond, many fan were curious to note that her grief-stricken co-star Nelson Eddy sat privately with the family and in particular with Jeanette's older sister and confidant Blossom Rock. (Note: in the funeral service and on Jeanette's crypt her birthdate was incorrectly noted as 1907 rather than 1903.) For more information and to see the photo boards used in this presentation, visit maceddy.com.
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Diane Amberg

I enjoy all the old ones, including Gordon MacRae and especially the old films on TV, and the old silents on Sunday night. Al does too . I'm 68, why the frowny face?  Do you think I'm too young or too old to enjoy those?
The Nelson Eddy was a version of ''The Palms" that I love so much. Judy found it.
So the UD girls play again today at noon in CT. I'll enjoy that game but their chances of winning are not good. Then off to the cemetery to put out my parents' Easter flowers and Mom's birthday flowers too, since it's on April 1st.


My great great grandbaby was due on the 1st.  One of my aunts was born April 1.  My mother always said she was a joke anyway.

Diane Amberg

So the UD girls ended their run with a very good game and got beaten by a better team, just as it should have been. The cemetery looked really nice with all the flowers and it was warmish and sunny. Mom never knew what funny thing we would pull for her birthday, but she enjoyed it all . We ate late ,stopped at a little Mom and Pop country place on the way home, so now I won't have to cook tonight. YEA!

Janet Harrington

Your great-great grandson didn't want to share great-great Aunt Janet's and great-great Uncle Jim's anniversary with them. Darn it all anyway.

Diane Amberg

That would have been funny Janet!
I just spent several days going through hundred and hundreds of photos and newspaper clippings from the mid 60's forward. I'm helping write our fire company's history for a new book for our 125th anniversary. Mostly it will  be an update from 1988. I have a kazillon photos, but as one might expect, they aren't all in albums. Fortunately, I am good at identifying what's in the envelope with subject, names and dates.  Lots of good memories, but some tears too, as many of the old firefighters are gone now. It's been hard to not sit down and reread all the newspaper clippings. (I was actually surprised at how many had me in them.) The sun is nice today and it should hit 60, but the wind makes it feel much colder. BRRR.
 Al went to his first physical therapy session for his back yesterday and came home very sore but optimistic. He will have at least thirty sessions, twice a week, maybe longer. They sent him home with a T.E.N.S.( transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) unit that does electrical shock therapy ( an hour at least twice a day) to the muscles with the worst damage.
They actually understood about the post polio, which was a pleasant surprise. All young people of course, which Al thoroughly enjoyed. The building is just around the corner from our fire house...very convenient. He scootered there yesterday but then they gave him a parking pass to the U.D. lot in case of rain.
Have a great afternoon everyone.

Ms Bear

We are scanning all of the old pictures that we can find for the Museum that I volunteer at and will burn them to cd's so we can run the slide shows hoping that visitors will recognize some of the people.

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