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Started by redcliffsw, February 11, 2012, 05:50:35 PM

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Devotion for February 11, 2012

"Cease, my son, to hear the instruction that causeth to err from the words of knowledge."
Proverbs 19:27.

Teaching or instructing is a powerful tool. Truth can be communicated and received in such a way that it will stay permanently in the mind of the learner. In the same manner, error can be taught and explained so convincingly that students enthusiastically embrace it. Our text warns us about the importance of carefully screening our sources of information. Simply stated, we are to stop listening to teaching that will cause us to depart from the truth.

We are taught to respect the power of truth; but too often, we fail to respect the power of lies. Error can lead us away from the truth. The sometimes overlooked fact is that error can become "perceived truth" in the unsuspecting mind. Those who have been successfully indoctrinated in error will stubbornly defend it. Cults are convinced that their false beliefs are the absolute truth. We need to be careful about who our instructors are and who is teaching our children.

Lest we think this is not really all that relevant, remember what the New Testament says: "A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump" (Galatians 5:9). How much error does it take to corrupt the truth? It was this passage of Scripture that convinced me, many years ago, not to allow our children to be taught in the government schools. We did not want our children to be taught the godless theory of evolution or the revised history of our nation, which ignores our Christian heritage. Who are our teachers?

One of the most powerful and dangerous mediums of information is the media. The valueless system of this world is being communicated through music, movies, television, and the printed page. Minds are being conformed to a way of life that is opposed to the Word of God. Medical professionals who should be trained to protect life have been brainwashed to believe that aborting a living human is permissible. Judges in our nation have had their judgment defiled until they believe it is their duty to protect society from the message of Christianity.

Where did all this nonsense begin, and how has it been sustained? It has been promoted and propagated through teaching. We need to take this caution from the wise writer of Proverbs seriously. We are to quit listening to teachers whose error can cause "to err from the words of knowledge."

Diane Amberg

Now that is just bunk x2! There so many variations on this as to make it worthless! Many things are possible that aren't permitted and even those are ruled by the social and religious morays of the country or culture in question and change constantly!
Things that are objectively taught change as the knowledge base changes.
 Even medicine changes almost daily. Whats was taught as true may now not be, as more and more ways of treatment are learned. Many also stand the test of time. Leeches anyone?
Where would we be with out our teacher/researchers? After all , we just knew that the earth was some how flat, but the sun revolved around it. We know  better than that now.
 Does that mean that the teachers of the time were wrong? Of course not! Teaching and learning is alive! It constantly changes and evolves and ebbs and flows and sometimes falls flat on its face! But where would we be without reading and writing and math? Lining little stone up in rows? There may come a time when all teaching is done on line with hardly any humans around. (Gee, who will break up the playground fights then?) The kids may some day just go from the breakfast table to the computer.    Some isolated areas of the planet have done radio schooling for years.
 But then who controls what is being taught? What is "truth" anyway? facts? opinions? blogs? Does the curriculum go to the highest bidder? Who knows, I sure don't. Some day it might be the curriculum of the world, not the curriculum of Mississippi or Vermont or London , Egypt, Moscow or Japan.
  In the meantime, be glad some teacher taught you the basics and hopefully how to think, reason and make choices for yourself and helped you learn you aren't the only one out there.You are just one of many of God's children, all loved in his sight.
    OK, get your coats...20 minute recess.... Johnny, stop pushing! You'll all get out there at the same time. ;D


It's certainly no big surprise that you've called it "bunk" because it doesn't fit in your within view of being pro-liberalism/socialism.

The standards have greatly declined the past 150 years and most American churches will no longer stand for the Bible like they once did.

The devotion makes a lot of sense to Christian folks.

Diane Amberg

I'm not sure what screening teachers has to do with the Bible, but if that's your particular viewpoint, that's fine.
  I was expected to teach everybody, that's why the religion of any particular child was not made a big deal of in school, aside from perhaps teaching about religion, not the religion it's self. As far as curriculum goes, reading is reading and math is wide! How can it not be? We hear some sectors saying our American kids don't do as well as some other countries in some subjects, say math for example, if they aren't all getting the same thing, then how can they be compared? There is consequently a limit to the flexibility any one teaching can have. We can't each just cook up our own way of doing math with 3+3 =12. That just doesn't mesh with anywhere else! Remember the tower of Babel? I'd like to see more American kids become engineers too...We shouldn't have to import them to supply what business needs.
  As far as sniping at me about socialism, help your self.I  doubt anybody in your family ever lived under a true dictator or under real socialism or Marxism or you wouldn't toss it into conversation so casually! Are you old enough or educated enough to know about what happened to Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia? About the White Russians who fled?  When Poland was over run?About the American Churches, Synagogues and families who sponsored the people who fled? I had them in my school when I was a kid. The stories those families told would really change how you see things!


Quote from: Diane Amberg on February 13, 2012, 10:06:21 AM
to know about what happened to Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia? About the White Russians who fled?  When Poland was over run?About the American Churches, Synagogues and families who sponsored the people who fled? I had them in my school when I was a kid. The stories those families told would really change how you see things!
A good friend of mine today not 35 40 years go but TODAY will not talk on the phone other than to say hi or meet me at so n so at such a time.  HE will not ever discuss ANYTHING, nothing about family, business, anything personal over the phone through email or whatever.
He pulled his children out of th egovernment schools because of the same reason. 

His reason?  This country has become a communist state just like the country he escaped from uzbekistan. 
The school system has done its job well lying to our kids. You know hitler was right, teach a lie long enough and the people will believe it.

Now if that isn't eye opening nothing else is. 
Curb your politician.  We have leash laws you know.


BTW he is also always preaching to me about keeping it quiet and not drawing attention. I suppose he is right.  After all he lived in it for years where getting caught with a dollar would get you life in siberia.
Curb your politician.  We have leash laws you know.

Diane Amberg

Hey, if that were true I'd be in prison for my own big know I'm not shy ,I speak my mind! ;D 
If one overdoses on the money making blogs that prey on people who are spooked easily or are engaging in questionable activities or are always trying to skin the system somehow, I can see how someone might feel that way. No, I don't mean your friend!

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