Will Kansas Be Next?

Started by Catwoman, July 31, 2011, 02:59:43 PM

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And, you have knowledge of this how? LOL... ;D...Hmmmmm...

jerry wagner

Quote from: srkruzich on August 02, 2011, 03:43:13 PM
No but it is on the rise in the queer population!  You get what ya ask for!  IF they kept it in their pants and out of someones ass they wouldn't have the clap or any other std.

I'm pretty sure that is what a condom was for, no? If they are in a consenting monogamous relationship, I don't see how they are doing anything wrong than any other couple having sex.  Right? None of my business.


Jerry...That mirrors the argument against the homosexual population being able to get married...I say, let them...They have just as much right as the rest of us to go through the horrors of divorce, infidelity, etc....Why should they merit protection against it and we don't? lol


Quote from: Diane Amberg on August 02, 2011, 02:45:34 PM
Steve were you ever in the military? Those who were certainly know what films I am talking about and I didn't accuse everybody of  being that free, but it was common enough.
As far as the locker room goes ,the gym teachers told it in the teachers' room. I also taught as a resource teacher in middle school and high school, so I was in the teachers' room in between programs. I wasn't in the locker room as a student, so don't be silly. As an EMT much later ,yes.
You actually believe half of what a gym teacher tells you? :O  ROTFLMAO

QuoteThen there was the boy they called "the baby doctor" that had several girls pregnant at the same time in different schools. They were all minors so there wasn't much anybody could do.
Bullcrap.  Toss his ass out of school.  IF he showed up anywhere on campus arrest him!  Arrest him for stat rape!  why didn't they arrest him and lock him up?  Hmm parents are responsible for his actions. Lock them up!

Had one 10 year old that threatened my son and a bunch of children in the neighborhood.  Police came and hauled him off to jail. when they released him they let him back in school. All of us in the neighborhood, and the parents of the other kids that were threatened went to the school and told them to get rid of him.  They did. Sent him somewhere else on the other side of the state.  We wouldn't tolerate him being in the school.

Curb your politician.  We have leash laws you know.


Quote from Jarhead:
you seem to be sly like a fox and always seem to have a way out of a trap if you step in it ;)

Quote from Diane:
Jar, why would anyone be setting a "trap" for me. That's rude and very disappointing. I don't want to be made into some kind of game for you few to play with.  >:(

Uh, Diana, I was trying to pay you a compliment but I see I failed to convey my true intent .I will just leave it at that except to say that your below quote is right on. You damn bippy there is a double standard. You can poke-poke all you want but heaven forbid one of us poke-poke back to you even if we put that all important smiley face after our post

Quote from Diane:
Poke fun if you want, just be sure we know it's meant to be good natured.You and Sarge do it, but unfortunately you won't let some of the rest of us do the same thing. It does get out of hand and there is a double standard


Would anyone like some cheese n crackers or to go with all the whine?
Conservative to the Core!
Gun control means never having to fire twice.
Social engineering, left OR right usually ends in a train wreck.


Yes I would Patriot---make mine limburger please, to get this unpleasant taste out of my mouth, thank you !! ;)

Diane Amberg

My, my aren't you the righteous one. No, I sure didn't see any compliment and I just reread it to be sure....speaking of whining and stepping in it. Now who is back peddling.  Done feeding the trolls ,have dinner to make.

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