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Rare, Indeed
« on: July 07, 2011, 10:17:14 PM »
Rare are the moments when trials are laid by
And a slight pause lets you gaze at the sky,
Where the colors combine under His hand
And He paints new hues upon the land...
The nightbirds call, plaintive but true,
As strands of grass bend, catching the dew.
A small sound, the soft chirping ensues...
Night breezes bring a relief too great to refuse...
The surface of the pond is still as glass...
The scene only broken by the flop of a bass
That gorging on food, mistakenly saw
What it thought was a bit that would fit down it's craw...
Up! jumps the sow, tailwalking the pond,
Tossing her head to dislodge the frond
Of the rattler it's just hooked itself onto...
I just laugh, there in the dew...
Life is good...These moments are rare, indeed...
When the world is at peace as the bass begin to feed.  ;D


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