Elk Konnected Hand out at County Commissioners meeting on 4/25

Started by Ross, April 26, 2011, 07:00:15 AM

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Remember what a RINO is?
A democrat disguised as a Republican, Right?

I think this picture might explain the difference between Mr. Ritz ad Ms. Kaminska.
Mr. Ritz has put money back in our pockets via lower property taxes while Ms. Kaminska has already stated she wnats to take it away from s and hire a new county Employee as an Economic Development Employee.
Which has been proven to be an effort in failure by having had other Economic Development Employee that failed to accomplish anything.

The West Elk School District has increased our property tax and I believe the majority of the School Board Members are
Elk Konnected,
go figure! That needs to be changed in April, doesn't it?

So this picture sort of illustrates a similar attitude in my opinion.

Please Remember for the best candidate for keeping Elk County Healthy

Write In:

Doug Ritz

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Quote from: Gadsden1775 on November 04, 2014, 11:10:33 PM
Yes, the results are unofficial but it looks like District 1 lost big time, Ms. Liebau. At least for the next four years. In 2 more years, we will be helping out District 3 with their campaigning and unseating.

Elk County lost big time, Gadsen. It's a sad day for Elk County in my opinion.
We lose a very good and honest man and very good and honest County Commissioner, Doug Ritz.

And I do believe we gain another Elk Konnected Kontrolled Kounty Kommissioner's Board.

Only time will tell the truth.

Many Thanks to Doug Ritz for all he has done for Elk County


Integrity is doing what is right when no one else is watching.


A little predicting for 2015 if I may:
And I sincerely hope, I am very wrong.

#1 After the first of the year our new Konnected Kounty Kommissioners Board
will be voting to hire a 40, 000.00 dollars,plus benefits Konnected Economic Development Employee even though they have no idea what Economic Development entails. Except to know they are spending the Elk County Taxpayers money. That's your money and my money to accomplish absolutly nothing and with no plan to accomplish anything.

#2 I expect the Konnected Kounty Kommissioners to spend more of your money and my money for a completely seperate govrnment. That being the City Government of Howard to repair their city pool. To bail out a City Government that did not practice good business practices. By that I mean they should have been setting aside a few dollars every month since 1963 (or whatever year they built their swimming pool) for repairs and maintenance. If they had practiced good business sense they would not be having any trouble fixing their swimming pool, now would they?

#3 I do not expect to see 5 new industries in Longton as promised at the Longton Free Fair Political Forum.

#4 Last but not least, I expect to see our Konnected Kounty Kommissioners approached by Elk Konnected for dues or payment or what ever they call it as membership fees to Elk Konnected. But no big Deal is it? It's just maybe 2 or 3 thousand dollars of your money, your tax dollars. But I bet it happens, all you have to do is read Elk Konnected's and Public Squares Communities web sites. Oops, I don't think that information is available any longer. So forget that.

I'd like to see some other predictions other people expect to see happen, after we lose Mr. Ritz as County Commissioner.

Will you be watching?
Watching the Konnected Kounty Kommissioners next year?

Just some of my thoughts and opinions.

I truely wish, that I may be very wrong.


I hope that your forecast is wrong too.  However, it all points to furthering of the socialist agenda and the Republicans' history is one of socialism by and thru welfare and warfare.

Men like Doug Ritz will not find a home in the Republican Party - they never have and they never will.  The socialists' urge of Republicans always reasserts itself and we've seen it time and time again.  Conservatism has never been an lasting attribute of the Republican Party.

The liberals are in control whether they be for Obama or be the Republicans.  We're outnumbered but we should stay right in there.


I bet they try to legalize marijuana in Kansas now.
It's not about what is legal or illegal.
It's not about what is moral or not.
It's not about intelligent business practices
It' about taxation and liberal spending.

Officials: Kansas Faces $279M
Budget Gap By July
AP      | By JOHN HANNA 
  Updated:  11/12/2014 12:59 am EST

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — Kansas will face a $279 million budget shortfall by July, far worse than state officials had thought before a new revenue forecast Monday that will force Gov. Sam Brownback and legislators to consider spending cuts.

The state will also be required to close an even bigger additional gap — $436 million — during the following 12 months, according to the new forecast.

Aides to the Republican governor, who narrowly won re-election last week, said his administration will work in the next weeks to find savings while trying to protect funding for schools and core programs. But a Democratic leader called the new projections "devastating."

Read more at:

Do you recognize anything of this nature happening in Elk County?


What's right?   What's wrong?

Is it about what is legal or illegal?
Is it about what is moral or not?
Is it about intelligent business practices?
Or is it simply about taxation and liberal spending?

I was informed yesterday that Dollar General will not be coming to Howard. Cian anyone verify or dispute this latest information I have recieved?

Now I still don't know if Dollar General would have been a good thing or not in Elk County and now we may never know.

I was told Dollar General asked Howard to provide water and sewer for their store and were told by the city they would annex them into the city limits and provide those services. So it turned out to be a, no deal for Dollar General. True or False?

I can understand, Howard is too poor to provide services without taxation, after all Howard is out begging for donations to repair their city pool, which they never budgeted for repairs,  which was a bad business decision, right?

I wonder, why Howard doesn't annex the rather large business barn that was recently built across the highway? It looks to me to be a commercial business even though it may be for use by a single farm. I wonder how Elk Konnected might fit into that protection from annexation? That businees has the convience of Howard's very close proximity and quick access to the Howard Police Constable (or what ever they call it) and quick access from the Howard Fire Department don't they?

There should be in my opinion, lots of questions from Howard residents who's property taxes keep raising while other's continue to slide-by without contributing to their tax base.

What's right?   What's wrong?
What is fair to the property tax payers in Howard?
What is not fair to the property tax payers in Howard?
Isn't it your city government that is suppose to work for you?
Or is it you work for your city government?

I really believe my earlier predictions for County Government will most likely come true and there will be many bad business judgements made and they will be frequent. Just my opinion.

Did you believe the lie, that a write in for Elk County Commissioner was illegal and would not be counted? Was this story told to you by some prominent or elite citizen or group?
Will you continue to listen to such people?

Perhaps, it is time to question your local governments, things might improve, please consider that?
Show up to these public meetings, the meetings are supported by your taxdollars and doesn't cost you anything to attend.  But it may pay you to attend and pay attention to what is happening. It is your responsibility not to let local government run amok. Don't be intimadated!

I was told many, many years ago that the only dumb question is the un-asked question.

Those that want to control rather than serve, do not like questions and work dilligently to ignore them.

Do we have servants of the people in our local Governments or power hungry, control freaks?

One more thing I was told yesterday; " Moline has the best city government for planning and maintaining their community,than any other community in Elk County." Now at is a heck of a compliment, isn't it?

I am not at liberty to divulge the name of the party that told me this, so sorry.


Well doggie, there is lots of stuff flying all around Elk County these days. I'll try to get to something else later, but right now lets talk about, all the intellectual business men and their work as School Board Members.

I attended the West Elk USD-282 School Board Meeting on Monday of this week.
Nothing has really changed, it is still a poorly ran meeting, it lacks any notion of professionalism. They are suppose to be using Roberts Rules of Order, I don't think they even comprehend Roberts Rules of Order.

At the opening of the meeting, the Board President for some reason thanked the teachers and the student's for the table full goodies. I am now inclined to wonder why at this meeting. If these goodies are provided by teachers and students, why haven't other teacher and students been thanked at other meetings? What kind of smoke screen is this?

But more importantly why are elected officials accepting gratuity from teachers and students?

In case you didn't know students are at the meeting to observe and learn how meetings are held and what happens at these meetings. They receive credit for attending and I sure hope their teacher explains that a public meeting should operate much more professionally than this board does. Or she or he is not teaching.

The Auditor of the Budget for West Elk showed up and presented the audit during the open public meeting along with extra papers stapled together and a single paper. I felt his presentation sounded a little funny, so I went to the district office and submitted a Freedom of Information Act form requesting copies of the Auditors Report and the papers presented with it.

I asked them to call me when my copies were ready and I patiently waited until today, when I had to go to Howard to Batson's to shop for a few groceries. I figured since, I was driving right by the district office I'd stop by and pick up my copy.

No real surprise ---- it was not available.

Why you might ask, so did I ?

I was told Paula was waiting for a decision. I asked what decision?

I was then told that one of the papers provided during the open meeting was marked for the School Board only. I informed the delightful lady at the front desk that all of it is public information, since it was provided at an open meeting. I politely asked her to inform Paula, that if I don't receive the public information requested I would go to the state with that fact.

Think about it folks since when is tax payers business private or secret?
Since when is there secrecy about the School District Budget Audit?

The only thing in a public, taxpayer funded school district that is confidential is disciplinary actions except those that are reported to law enforcement and if an arrest is made, it then becomes public information, doesn't it?

So what do you suppose they are trying to hide?

Remember, when I requested the salary of all employees including overtime and summer pay? Did I they provide that information? No! No overtime, no summer pay! Are they not intelligent enough to read the Freedom of Information form? Or are they hiding something?

I'm certain they know, I will post the audit and extra information for everyone to read and maybe they Don't want you to read the financial information concerning where your tax dollars go. Which you have every right to know!

A public school district should have total transparency with the only exception being disciplinary action.

Just give that some thought for a few minutes please?

Do we have a secret society in Elk County? LOL


Well where to start?
From the Elk Couty Rumor Mill?
From the Elk County Underground?
Oh heck I'll just ask a few questions about what I have heard and seen, okay?

Several years ago the Konnected Kounty Kommissioners hired a gal who seemed to appear out of no where, with a college degree in something and made her the Konnected Kounty Youth Development and the Konnected Kounty Economic Development Employee, that's the way I saw it. Ms. Montgomery was all that, as far as the Konnected Kounty Kommissioners were concerned. When I asked at those Konnected Kommissioners meeting what she was accomplishing in Economic Development I never received a respectable answer. One answer was that she was working secretly with someone that did not want to be known. Our county employees the ones that accept our money as pay are not authorized to keep secrets from us, are they? Are they permitted to keep secrets about county business from the elected officials? If so? By what authority? It is my opinion that was an excuse to cover up the fact that there was nothing being accomplished. And that is now backed up by literally no change in Elk County economically. No new industries, no new abundance of jobs, absolutely nothing but a waste of Taxpayers money. Of course if someone can show me otherwise, I'll eat crow.

Also I never saw where there was a single solitary thing accomplished for the County government that had anything to do with Youth Development. I do believe she was working for Elk Konnected, on Elk County time and pay, but where do you get Youth Development out of showing a movie on a TV set at the library or handing out the cheapest toys bought in bulk, that were not of enough value to throw away?

Well moving on when Kontrol of the County Commissioners was wrested away from Elk Konnected, the position of Konnected Economic Development was abolished. Elk Konnected, people showed up at the County Commissioners crying about it at no avail. They got down right ugly with some of their remarks in my personal opinion. Anyway the Konnected Employee decided to quit as Konnected Kounty Youth Development Employee. That was when the e-mails between her and the newspaper editor became available on her county owned cell phone and we discovered what the man and Elk Konnected really thought of Elk County citizens, remember that?

Didn't she go to work for West Elk USD 282 for a short period of time as Coach for the Cheer Leaders? And isn't it true she was asked to quit or be fired? And is it possible the very same situation happened with her mentor from Elk Konnected?

She then somehow managed to get hired by the city of Howard. Now I'd like to ask if anyone knows if Elk Konnected had anything to do with that hiring? Then, I heard she is placed in the Admistrative position of the nursing home at a salary of $60 grand a year and receiving training to perform those duties. Then I was told the trainer was being paid more than she was. I would tend to believe that $60 grand a year would possibly be pay commensurate with a seasoned Administrator in a major nursing home but not a novice employee. But never mind the training expense, it was said she was suppose to repay that according to their agreement.

But wait a minute there was no written agreement, no contract, I was informed. Could any of this be true?

Then I was informed she quit and that her last day was either Thursday or Friday and  that she was leaving Elk County and going back home. Will she repay the taxpayers of Howard for her training? Just asking?

I don't know if a word of this Howard hiring is true or not so I am asking you readers to offer your input and inform the taxpayers of the truth as you know it?

Are we once again going to have the same kind of stuff re-occur with-in another Konnected Kounty Kommissioners Board after the first of the year?

Isn't time to wake up and speak up and start attending Elk County Commissioners Meetings?

I sure hope some of you taxpayers join me and other concerned citizens at County Commissioners Meetings after the first of the Year.

Reminice for a few years and let every one know what you know. Let's share the knowledge, Okay?

Are we better off as a County or not?

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