The Decline and Fall of Collectivism . . .

Started by redcliffsw, December 16, 2016, 05:00:24 AM

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When individualism was sacrificed to an institutional imperative, Western Civilization began its death-march.

By fostering enforceable rules that standardize and make uniform the actions of others, the state gives birth to collectivism, a concept that one dictionary defines as "a doctrine or system that makes the group or state responsible for the social and economic welfare of its members.

Though I am mildly amused at watching collectivists perform their frenzied decapitated chicken dance over the election of Donald Trump, I see no latent long-term benefits in his administration. His presence in the White House has so rattled the cages of the high-church establishment faithful, both in the media and academia, that it was worth the price of staying up election night watching the majority of voters in state after state go for Trump. At best, I see his presidency as the illusion of a break in the sanctified madness of the political management of human existence; an opportunity for millions to shout "enough!"
-Butler Shaffer

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