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Started by PrehistoricRez, March 10, 2011, 12:37:53 AM

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Diane Amberg

Been there, done that, but ya just do what you have to do. I taught three years in a portable. We just had to leave a little more time for going and coming.


Quoteya just do what you have to do

And they do.  :D


How about Howard wanting to move its city limits to include the county school inside their city limits.

If they do that and claim it as their school how about they just take over all the expenses as well?

I understand they write Howard West Elk on all the out of town games schedules.

Check out the follow information links. The school is called Howard West Elk.

If we had a school board that wasn't run by the school superintendent perhaps things could smooth out. They need to do their duty and remove the Superintendent to the audience and he can address their needs from there. The same as the teachers, and the Special Education Director (who by the way is paid a lot more than the superintendent).
Also I believe the superintendent's reports to the school board should be in writing so the
Members can study them at their leisure.

We elect school board representatives to sit on the board and that is all that should be sitting at the table.

It's my opinion that the school board has received erroneous information and advice from the Superintendent once to many times.

For example the insurance rebate from BC/BS. The school board should be familiar with the teacher's union contract so they can abide by it.

I believe the School Superintendent is supposed to administer the school according to our School Board of Education elected officials, not the other way around.

And have you noticed the outrageous pay raises to administrate personnel.

Our Country is in a serious financial crisis.
Our state is in a serious financial crises and cutting school budgets.
And just in the recent past our school district was in a financial crisis.
That's why the grade schools were closed and the children placed in portable buildings.

But I'm sure everything will be fine when an Elk Konnected member is elected to the school board.


Midway of Altoona
Central of Burden
Bluestem of Leon
Howard West Elk

Now I know where the schools are.  What a concept!

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