No Jury Duty for Me

Started by W. Gray, March 29, 2012, 01:59:56 PM

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W. Gray

From the gothamist web site:

If she goes to trial she will probably be judged by a dozen jurors who could not get out of jury duty.

KOA Radio is in Denver.

"Last October [Linda] Cole, 57, called in and bragged to the KOA's Dave Logan Show that to get out of jury duty she put on a dress skirt over reindeer socks, a white and a black shoe, huge black eyebrows, bright red lipstick and an "Ask Me About My Bestseller" t-shirt. "When they asked me about mental issues, I got up and said, 'Yeah, I have some mental issues.' And the judge said, 'Does anybody care if she leaves?' And everybody all at once said in a great big loud voice, 'No!' It was hilarious," she said on the air. "My life is so busy, I didn't have time to think about it. I made the darndest, blackest eyebrows."

"Unfortunately for Cole, Judge Anne Mansfield was listening at the time [March 2012] and was able to trace the incident using court transcripts. Cole was arrested yesterday on felony charges of first-degree perjury and attempt to influence a public servant and now faces a maximum sentence of up to six years in prison on each charge."
"If one of the many corrupt...county-seat contests must be taken by way of illustration, the choice of Howard County, Kansas, is ideal." Dr. Everett Dick, The Sod-House Frontier, 1854-1890.
"One of the most expensive county-seat wars in terms of time and money lost..." Dr. Homer E Socolofsky, KSU


Holy crap.... lol.  that was stupid.  I just state my belief's and they never ever want me to serve.  Best way to do it is tell them he must be guilty if he's been arrested!

I really don't try to get out of jury duty. I am one that practices jury nullification. 
Curb your politician.  We have leash laws you know.

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