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Moore Family

Started by Marty, January 12, 2011, 01:03:18 PM

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I'm researching the Moore family. My Moore family came from County Tyrone, Ireland, some made their home in Ohio and some in Kansas. I see the Robert Moore obit on this forum he has to be related, I just have not been able to connect him. I also saw the Moore Family reunion posting which is of my family. I see that WP Heisler was shown as a participant of the reunion. Robert daughter married a Heisler. The only Heisler I now find in Elk County is Leland Heisler. Does anyone know the names of the parents of Robert Moore.

PS. My grandfather was Marion Francis Martin, who lived in Elk Falls, they were Mabel, Zelma, Dolly, and my mother Mary Elizabeth Condon, Dolly still lives in Elk Falls. They lived on the property west of the old bank. Across from Osborns gas station.


If you haven't already, try checking the site //, and do a search for Robert Moore.  Numerous hits show up and some of them might be about your Robert, or his son Robert.  I'd be curious to hear if anything matchs for you.


Thanks for the info. But I keep up on and I send info to be added to this. I just did not know if their was still any of Robert Moore's family living in the area.  Again Thanks

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