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Started by sixdogsmom, January 17, 2011, 01:09:24 PM

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I am having to play Taps for my old laser mouse today. After about five years of good service he just folded and wouldn't go any more. That called for emergency surgery and upon exploration it was found to be unfixable. The spring that makes the clicker 'click' was laying loose in the bottom along with a bit of broken plastic. Time to pull the batteries, say thanks for the long good service, and wish it well. You would not believe the amount of hair and lint I found in there though.  :P Luckily, (I think), I had a new mouse waiting in reserve that I bought a couple of years ago. It is heck to be in the middle of something when your mouse dies, and be here forty miles from a new mouse. So I got out the new mouse, installed it and voila! This is a piece of junk! It must have been built for some big old bruiser with ninety pound hams for hands. Not for a (ahem) lady with arthritic fingers. It takes a real blow for this thing to click, and is like dragging an unwilling child to the dentisit to get it across the mouse pad. I have resorted to removing the pad and am currently using the bare table top. I shall be mouse shopping at the earliest convenience. Until that time, it may be a good thing since playing my favorite games is now a chore I just might get something done around here that needs doing!  :D :D

Diane Amberg

My heartfelt sympathy for your loss. It least it died doing what it loved best...and the cat didn't get it. ;D

Ms Bear

What a terrible loss.  I hope you have a good time shopping for the new one.


  get them onlilne, just ordered a couple wireless mice paid something like 15 dollars for them plus 8 shipping.  better deal than i can get anywhere in town
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Janet Harrington

And you can probably buy one at Batson's Drug Store. There are some computer items there.

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